Star Wars: Lucasfilm does not throw in the towel with the sequels and anticipates the possible return of characters

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The trilogy that started with The Force Awakens brought with it the return of some classic Star Wars characters, but also the debut of protagonists such as Rey Skywalker, Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) and Finn. All of them had their journey in the successive films, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Since the trilogy came to an end, they have only been recovered in comics and movies, but Lucasfilm does not give them up for lost and anticipates a possible return.

In an interview with Empire, President Kathleen Kennedy has directly referred to all these characters: “Certainly, they are not characters that we are going to forget. They will last, we are having conversations with the creative team ”. Of course, he hasn’t provided any specifics, though Finn has been rumored for some time to star in his own series.

The Mandalorian, turning point

Since the premiere of The Mandalorian, the galaxy far, far away has been open to many more proposals, thanks in large part to the success of this series on Disney +. Behind the reputational stumble that was the sequel trilogy, Lucasfilm has recovered and is preparing multiple audiovisual projects, as well as a new era of Star Wars set in The High Republic. The Acolyte, whose filming will begin in May 2022, will be the first series to touch that stage prior to the Skywalker saga.

The sequel trilogy, meanwhile, takes place decades after the fall of Emperor Palpatine. At least, the entire galaxy believes that Darth Sidious is gone forever when Darth Vader, now back as Anakin Skywalker, decided to help his son and destroy his master forever. So long after, things are not going well in the universe, since a new evil has arisen. The First Order, Snoke, the Knights of Ren … the threat of darkness is palpable again.

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