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Star Wars Movie References Even Hardcore Fans Overlooked

Star Wars Movie References Even Hardcore Fans Overlooked

When Torbin and Sol infiltrate the coven’s fortress at the end of “The Acolyte” Episode 7, they’re confronted by Mother Aniseya and her witches, all armed and ready to fight. “Someday,” the witch leader tells Sol, “those noble intentions you all have will destroy every Jedi in the galaxy.” Shortly afterward, Aniseya begins a spell that starts to turn both herself and Mae into smoke, and Sol strikes her with his lightsaber, killing her dead.

There are a couple of different ways to read the line. In one sense, it’s a direct reference to Qui-Gon taking Anakin away from his home, only for him to grow up and become the tool of the Jedi’s destruction. More generally, though, Aniseya seems to be foreshadowing how the Jedi keep wading into dangerous territory because they believe themselves to be guided by light. Using a clone army, becoming generals in the Republic military, and allowing the Chancellor to consolidate more and more executive power during the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy are all things the Jedi do with “noble intentions.”

Just like Sol on Brendok, the Jedi of the prequels believe they’re doing what they must to protect innocent lives from evil. In both cases, those intentions cause violence, bloodshed, and tragedy.

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