Star Wars: Obi-Wan, in his series, would have a duel with one of the Inquisitors

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Obi-Wan Kenobi will have its own series in Disney+ and it is already being recorded with some surprises such as the return of Hayden Christensen como Darth Vader. In that sense, rumors indicate that the character of Ewan McGregor you will see the faces with the Inquisitors, practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force who are dedicated to hunting the Jedi who survived the Order 66, when the Republic clones assassinated most of these noble knights.

Apparently, Vader himself would send one of his dark agents to Tatooine with the aim of ending his old master, Obi-Wan. So the open secret is that the Jedi would have a shocking lightsaber duel with the Inquisitor who is coming for him. So much so that Ewan McGregor He already confirmed that he was training for the series of Disney+.

Kenobi vs. Inquisitor by Disney +

“The lightsabers will collide and at least we’ll see Kenobi face the Inquisitor in at least one episode from the limited series. Will it play out over many episodes or will it only occur in one entry? We still don’t know for sure “, they affirm from the Making Star Wars medium.

Another actress who confirmed to the press that she was training for the show is Moses Ingram, she could bring one of Vader’s Inquisitors to life. These characters first appeared on the show Star Was: Rebels. They were led by the Grand Inquisitor and the rest of the group carried numerical names.

The Fifth Brother, the Seventh Sister, and the Eighth Brother also appeared in Rebels. Meanwhile, the Second Sister and the Ninth Sister did the same in the video game. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They say there are a total of 12 Inquisitors. Some appeared in the comics of Darth Vader.

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