Star Wars: the best warriors with the lightsaber

Star Wars: the best warriors with the lightsaber

Star Wars is the most popular intergalactic franchise in history and its success is based on the creations of George Lucas which include the Jedi, the Sith, the Millenium Falcon, the Star of death O R2D2. However, there is one element of the saga that captivated viewers’ imaginations like no other: the lightsaber. The weapon of a Jedi, for a more civilized age, as described by the master Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode IV.

The three trilogies of Star Wars have many clashes between Jedis and Siths who choose the lightsaber as the weapon of choice when fighting a duel with their sworn enemies. Skill with this element can mean the difference between life and death. Or at the very least, withdraw from combat with all limbs in place. We share a ranking with the most skilled warriors with the lightsaber!

+ The most skilled warriors with the lightsaber

5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

The first teacher of Luke Skywalker He is a skilled warrior who knows how to take advantage of his opponent’s shortcomings, especially when it comes to arrogance. Often underestimated, this character was able to defeat fearsome opponents such as Darth Maul, the General Grievous and even the Chosen One: Anakin Skywalker. I may not be the most powerful of knights Jedi, but the nobility of Obi-Wan and his desire to do good makes him a worthy opponent.

4. Anakin Skywalker

The Chosen One’s prophecy has him as the main protagonist. He was not trained from the same age as ordinary Jedi because they discovered him later. Qui-Gon Jinn I was convinced that Anakin I would end him Dark side. His skill with the lightsaber is undeniable. Battled with the dangerous Conde Dooku, a former Jedi Master turned Sith, and defeated him by cutting off his hands and head. His arrogance played a trick on Obi-Wan and he was defeated.

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3. Yoda

The Jedi master par excellence, he is a powerful warrior, both in the use of the Strength as with his abilities using the lightsaber. His nine hundred years do not prevent him from facing the dark lords Dooku and Palpatine. The conditions in the duel against him Emperor they favored the Sith who knew how to better use the combat environment to defeat Yoda, who ended up exiled in Dagobah.

2. Palpatine

The Emperor is very powerful in the Dark Side of the Force. It has the ability to deceive Jedi and act like a politician of race in front of them. However, his lightsaber is on his sleeve ready to be used at any time. This is demonstrated in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. A rival to fear!

1. Mace Window

Mace has the ability to access the Dark Side of the Force without being seduced by its attraction and power. That makes him a dangerous warrior. His lightsaber has a rare color: purple. Teacher Jedi managed to defeat Palpatine during the events leading up to the Order 66, but Anakin Skywalker came at the right time to betray Mace which was finally defeated by Palpatine. Thus died one of the mightiest warriors in Star Wars.

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