Star Wars the Old Republic charts its future in its new expansion: all the details

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Thousands of years before the Skywalkers, hundreds of years before the rise of the Jedi in the High Republic, stood a mighty empire ruled by the Sith. BioWare’s veteran MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is set in that ancient time. It’s a video game free-to-play, although it works under an optional subscription model. The also creators of Knights of the Old Republic celebrate the tenth anniversary of the video game with a new expansion full of epic adventures, Legacy of the Sith. MeriStation has attended a presentation in which the first details and its launch date have been revealed. When? The next December 14th exclusively for PC.

To bring us all these news, BioWare has brought together several of the study’s key people: Charles Boyd, creative director, Keith Kanneg, project director and Jackie Izawa, community manager, have answered questions from journalists and have mapped out what will be the near future of the video game.

Among the locations we will visit in the expansion is a planet that first appeared in KOTOR. Manaan is a water world that was once inhabited by the Selkath, a species of amphibians. The Sith Empire had a special interest in him because of a strange material that could only be found there, the kolto. It is a unique medicinal substance that is naturally longed for by everyone. Manaan, however, is a dangerous world, where storms break out and chaos reigns, so whoever delves into its mysteries will have to be very careful.

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New Flashpoint and Operation

The so-called Flashpoints are scripted areas designed for four players, in which they must break through and kill waves of enemies. Legacy of the Sith will add one of these missions to Elom, a desert planet and practically unexplored where it will be necessary to go inside to chase Darth Malgus, who has been seen investigating ruins belonging to another evil Sith Lord. The Republic has deployed its archaeologists and the Empire its soldiers to prevent them from discovering anything.

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The R-4 Anomaly is a new Operation. According to the creative director of the project, want to convey a tense atmosphere, that without touching the terror, yes frisa that horrid spirit. Like other missions of this type, they are raids for about 8 players, with various difficulties and demanding final bosses. In this particular Operation, the main setting is a Sith research facility built on an asteroid.

The congomerate R-4 has been taken over by Imperial forces composed of very particular Sith Lords, since they are a species of sect that even their companions in the dark side of the Force consider mysterious and rare. In fact, they are obsessed with how the dark side can combine with technology to increase their power.

Legacy of the Sith’s featured characters

  • Darth Malgus He is one of the main villains in the game and the oldest, since he came out from the first trailer. He was formerly known as Veradun, but when he succumbed to the dark side he received his Sith name. He was first linked to the Empire, until he began to act alone. Despite being believed dead, he returned more as a machine than a human.
  • Major Anri is a Twi’lek imperial soldier representing the evolution of the Empire. At first, this faction was wildly racist, but now they think that anyone can participate in their evil plans. This former slave rose in the imperial hierarchy thanks to reforms promoted by Darh Malgus.
  • Amm Paralun embraces the light side of the outside as a Jedi and is a native of Onderon, a jungle world located on the outer rim. His story is somewhat tragic, because they destroyed his body and now he is half machine, like Darth Vader, but in the luminous faction.
  • Lana Beniko She is one of the player’s favorite characters in The Old Republic, an unusually reasonable, loyal, and highly calculating Sith lady. His story has been cleared throughout all these years, but his journey began when he discovered the betrayal of Darth Arkous and allied himself with unexpected companions.
  • Tau Idair form part of the Jedi Order and fight with all your might against the evil Sith Empire. A great fighter with lightsabers and respected throughout the galaxy, Tau Idair survived the Mimban purge and was recruited by Master Gnost-Dural on Ossus.
  • Darth Rivix He has played with darkness since his beginnings in the Sith Empire, when his name began to be heard due to his triumphs in the diplomatic area. After the battle of Corellia, Emperor Vowrawn appointed him direct link of the imperial hand. His charming personality manages to dazzle anyone, something that can mask his calculating goals.
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Less well known are characters like Colonel Gallo, Colonel Korrd and Darth Norak. The first is one of the leaders of one of the special forces that protect their planet from invasions. She is neither a defender of the Republic nor the Empire, because she knows that the invaders are only there for the kolto, not for their welfare. Of course, in this story he will work with the Republican forces. Korrd, on the other hand, is imperial and extremely professional and efficient in his duties. Lastly, Darth Norak is a heavyweight in Imperial logistics. It may give the impression that he is not the most dangerous type, but this perception is misleading.

A progressive update to current times

Keith Kanneg maintains that Star Wars: The Old Republic is entering a year of celebrations, with numerous events, streams and activities planned. Regarding the future, the team has designed a plan for the next five years, so they point out that Legacy of the Sith is a foundational content. They contemplate it as a first step towards a 10-year future, so there are many stories to explore.

A veteran and ever-evolving game like The Old Republic calls for changes both mechanically and technologically. Legacy of the Sith modernizes systems and interface, while adapting to 4K monitors. Regarding the gameplay, BioWare claims that they have made subtle and deeper changes, especially in the combat system. The fighting styles are reinforced and the basic classes will represent the origin story of our character. In addition, subscribers will have the opportunity to choose between two different combat styles, which they can intersperse to their liking.

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En BioWare, contemplan Star Wars: The Old Republic como a kind of board game in the style of Dungeons & Dragons, a long-term project focused on Legacy of the Sith and a future yet to be revealed. Hopefully the force will continue to accompany you … always.


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