Star Wars: they are developing the Finn series

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Time passed and there was even controversy between John Boyega and Lucasfilm. The actor was not satisfied with the treatment of some names in the last trilogy of Star Wars. Especially with his character Finn y Rose, the latter played by Kelly Marie Tran. Everything indicates that the production company will have a chance to redeem itself in the eyes of this young Hollywood value thanks to a project that is taking shape. What are we talking about?

The question is not simple. J.D. Dillard y Matt Owens they were in charge of an in-universe movie Star Wars. However, the idea that these developers had for their film ended up mutating into a potential series. And the protagonist of the story would be John Boyega As the ex Stormtrooper de la First Order. What does the interpreter think of this idea? We don’t have that answer yet. He did mention in the past that he would return to the franchise.

The series centers on Finn

The show would tell the adventures of Finn before being recruited by the First Order as a Stormtrooper. But the scope of the show will also take place for the character’s story after what happened in The Rise of Skywalker. The idea of ​​the showrunners is to tell the life of this intergalactic war hero. They say the series would replace the project Rangers of the Republic.

A little memory: Finn rebels and escapes from First Order next to Poe Dameron, then accidentally arrives at the Endurance where it forms a special bond with Rey. They will fight the villain Kylo Ren and the Supreme Leader Snoke. In the course of your adventures, Finn will meet Rose, that you will fall in love with him. All of them will be victorious against the dark forces of the clone of the Emperor Palpatine.

Finn escaped from the First Order. Photo: IMDb.

Will they return Daisy Ridley y Oscar Isaac to the universe Star Wars? His characters were vital to Finn’s development in the trilogy. Poe Dameron he even baptized the ex Stormtrooper with the name that it carries, from that moment, with pride. On the other hand, the antecedent of The Mandalorian by Disney+ fills fans with hope for series based on the franchise. This case is no different!

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