Star Wars Visions: these are all the villains that will appear in the series

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Star Wars: Visions is a nine-episode anthological series made by different Japanese animation studios. All of them have had absolute creative freedom, since none of these stories is part of the official canon of the galactic saga. In this way, they have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe and to extract all kinds of elements. Something that will not be missing in any of them is the presence of villains. What exactly are they? We present them in detail below.

  • We remind you: all episodes will be available on Disney + from next September 22.

The old man (The old man)

He is a mysterious warrior of ancient and sinister origins. “It is a master of the sword looking for worthwhile adversaries, “says producer Justin Leach. “Although his appearance corresponds to that of an elderly man, he moves gracefully and effortlessly against the opponent. However, the old man must face the dilemma of his own mortality.

Typically, most villains have aligned themselves with the Sith, but the Elder has other motivations. “Although it looks like a Sith, it is more focused on improving your skills than to follow an ideology. “As his goals go beyond amassing powers, this adds” a new dimension to the Sith archetype. “

Am (The twins)

This is the story of two young Sith who are also twin brothers, Karre and Am. “Am is consumed by the desire for power, so she is blind to danger.” While her brother was raised on the dark side of the Force by a former Imperial, Am is ambitious and extremely powerful on the dark side. “Seeing Am in action in his special black armor is a unique expression of the dark side.”

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The twin takes her brother as an example, but finds it difficult to find balance. Meanwhile, Karre worries about her and try to save her from her own destruction. On the other hand, the girl has a unique Kyber crystal. “Am takes being a Sith Lord to the next level because of his ambition, skill, and the scale that can only be achieved through anime.”

Masago (Akakiri)

Masago is a warrior with an “imposing” physical presence. His red eyes reflect the dark side of the force, so he “creates the feeling that his soul is full of darkness, ambition and thirst for power ”. He thinks that fate is immutable, a philosophy that other Sith lords have advocated in the past.

It’s a character also look for allies, not just conquer the enemy. Try to convince others that joining her and following her philosophy is ideal. “Like other villains in the Star Wars universe, he believes in the principle of destiny and uses it as an argument against his enemies when trying to recruit them.”

Bandit Sith Leader (The Duel)

This tribute to the classic cinema of the samurai brings us back the figure of the bandit, which this time is embodied by a Sith. They have taken as a reference one of the classic warriors of Japanese cinema of the 70s, the powerful Lady Snowblood. For its design, traditional Japanese culture has been combined with the mythology of the Star Wars universe.

Its history is reminiscent of that of the Seven samurai, in which the ronin hero faces off against the bandit leader and his villains on the battlefield. The objective is to save the peasants of the place. “He has a very special umbrella-shaped lightsaber, which he can turn into a hunting weapon for defensive and offensive movements.”

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The Inquisitor (T0-B1)

An android posing as a Jedi? This freaks out the Inquisitor, who travels across the galaxy in search and capture of the Jedi, right after Order 66 was issued. Like other members of this special body of the Galactic Empire, this is a powerful hunter looking and catching any light shine may he be on his way.

Its design is based on the medieval dark knight, but with modern details. As he fights, he becomes more like an animalas he shows a mouth full of teeth when he screams in anger. “

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