STAR +: when does it arrive in Latin America and what adult content will it have on Disney +

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Disney + bet heavily on its landing in the streaming industry and managed to end 2020 with 86.8 million subscribers worldwide. The growth of the entertainment giant has been accentuated since its arrival in Latin America, but it still has a stronger step to take: will launch Star, its new catalog with adult content that is already available in some countries. Check out what series and movies will you be able to see and which one is it its release date in the region.

The Disney + project was born to diversify a library that currently has a larger share of children’s titles. While the Marvel, Nat Geo and Star Wars licenses expanded the options, the company wanted to go further and has already made variants available for the larger ones. In Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada the new function is already released.

When will Star on Disney + arrive in Latin America?

In Latin America, the scheduled release date is for August 31, 2021 in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. There users must pay an additional price to enjoy the content. Although the price in America did not transcend, in Europe it is marketed for 6.99 euros per month and 69.99 per year if you already had a subscription to Disney + before February 23. Otherwise the value will go up at 8.99 euros per month and 89.99 euros per year. Even so, the price may vary depending on the regional values ​​of each country.

What content will Star have on Disney + in Latin America?

Star will have more than 800 titles in 2021: will start with 250 and plans to release the rest during the year. The new streaming is supported by large production companies such as: 20th Century Television, ABC Signature, Fx Productions y Searchlight between film and television. In this way, you will build a robust catalog for your users.

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What are the best movies to watch on Star on Disney +?

The Last Night, The Prophecy, Borat, Rushmore Academy, Maximum Speed, Moulin Rouge, Alien Vs. Predator, Deadpool, The War of the Rose, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Titanic and Me, Irene and my other self.

What are the best series to watch on Star on Disney +?

Grey’s Anatomy, Outlander, This Is Us, The Walking Dead, Prison Break, Helstrom, Buffy, Cazavampiros, Expediente X, 24, Modern Family, Lost y Scandal.

Complete list of series and movies on Star on Disney +

| 12 traps

| 127 hours

| 28 days later

| 28 weeks later

| 9 days (2002)

| Duet

| Down with the periscope

|Academia Rushmore

|Air Force One (1997)

| To the limit

| Something in common

| Something is wrong with Mary

| Alien: The Eighth Passenger

| Alien resurrection

|Alien Vs. Predator


|Aliens Vs. Predator 2

| Aliens: The Return

| High fidelity

| A | blind death

| Crazy Love (1995)

| Crazy love, forbidden love

| Ana and the king


| Before and After (1996)

|Antwone Fisher

| Arachnophobia

| Weapons of a Woman (1988)

| Up and down




|Boys Don’t Cry


|Breaking and Entering

|Broken Arrow: alarma nuclear (1996)

|Brown Sugar

| Buffy, the Cazavampiros

| Road to perdition

|Casanova (2005)


| Cinderella Man. The man who did not let himself be knocked down

| Black Swan (2010)


| Crocodile, a serial killer

| Cocoon: The Return

|Commando (1985)

|Con Air

| With love, Simon

| Conan the barbarian

| Convicted (1996)

| Convention in Cedar Rapids

| Rebel heart

| Corky Romano: always wins by the hand

| I think I love my wife

| When a man loves a woman

| Special bodies (2013)

| A matter of balls


|Dark Water


|Deadpool 2

| Already Seen

| From hell

| Diary of a scandal

| Tell me it’s not true

| Double pairs

|Dragonball: Evolution

| Sleeping with his enemy

| The Alamo: The Legend (2004)

| The Coyote Bar

| The Forest (2004)

| The way back

| The Kangaroo (2011)

| The Bubble Boy

| The color of money

| The counselor

| The crucible

| The challenge

| Tomorrow

| Public Enemy # 1 … My Father

| Damien’s End

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| The big mess

| Warrior # 13

| The Gorge Guide (2007)

| The guru, an uncontrollable temptation

| The incident

| The negotiator

| The father of the bride

| The plan

| The protégé

| The kingdom of heaven

| King Arthur

| The Abbott’s Secret

| The last King of Scotland

| She always says yes

| In honor of the truth

| On the tightrope

| In his shoes

| Public Enemy

| Between drinks

| Waiting for a breather

| E | spy as you can

| State of siege

| This body is not mine!

| This is war

| Avoid

| Exodus: gods and kings

| File X

| Strange coincidences

| Offside

| Coup in Little China

|Good Morning, Vietnam

| Thanks for smoking


| Men of honor

| Hot Shots the mother of all riot! Hot Shots 2

| Unstoppable (2010)

| Intimate and personal

|Jennifer’s Body

| Judge Dredd

| Perfect move


| My family’s wedding

| The waitress

| The house

| The Thin Red Line (1999)

| Found her in Hope Springs (2003)

| Delivery

| War of the Rose

| The jewel of the family

| The jewel of the Nile

| The Jungle 2: Red Alert

| The Jungle 4.0

| Die Hard

| Die Hard: Revenge

| The Jungle: a good day to die

| The Book Thief

| The Scarlet Letter

| The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

| Damien’s Curse

| The hand that rocks the cradle

| The Fly (1986)

| The Preacher’s Wife

| The night of his life

| The Prophecy (1976)

| The Prophecy (2006)

| The Rock

| The last night

| Life of Pi

| The Secret Life of Bees


| Calendar girls

| The hills have eyes

| Sessions

|Life Aquatic

| Light luggage: 30 days and 30 thousand nights

| What the truth hides

| Crazy obsession

| The masters of the neighborhood (2012)

| Whites don’t know how to put it

| The descendants

| The substitutes

| The Tenenbaums, a family of geniuses

| The Three Stooges (2012)

| Bad company

| Red tide

| Master and Commander: on the other side of the world

| Marriage dconveniencia

|Max Payne

| Melinda and Melinda

| Dangerous minds

| Risky lies

| What a big mouth

| My father, what a flirt!

| My cousin Vinny


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|Mistress America

| Moulin Rouge (2001)

|Mystery, Alaska

| Nothing to lose

| You can’t buy my love

| Scary night

| Crazy night

| Runaway bride

| Never leave me

| Oceans of fire (Hidalgo)

| Another Earth

|Pearl Harbor

|Pequeña Miss Sunshine

| Extreme chase

| Flight plan: missing

|Poltergeist (2015)

| Powder: pure energy

|Pretty Woman

| What not to do with a million dollars!

| Quiz Show: the dilemma

| Chain reaction

| Just married

| Glow in the dark

| Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

| Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare

| Romy and Michele

|Ruby Sparks

|Scary Movie 4

| Six days and seven nights

| Marked for death

| Signs

| Always by your side

| Out of control (2005)

| Words are unnecessary



|Speed 2

| Starship Troopers


| Taxi, Total Skid (2004)

|The East

|The Rocky Horror Picture Show

| The Waterboy

|The Wonders


|Titan A.E.

|Titanic (1997)

| All against him

| Junk work


| After the Green Heart

| Three Runaways

| Last call

| Ultimatum to Earth (2008)

| A killer something special

| A good year

| A stroke of fate

| A bad move

| A tribe on the court

| Let’s go cops

| Terminal velocity

| Final verdict

|Veronica Guerin

| Travel to Darjeeling

|Volcano (1997)

| The bride’s father returns

|Wall Street

| Wall Street: money never sleeps

| War Horse

| Win Win (We all win)

| X-files: believing is the key

| Me, myself and Irene



|24: Legacy

|24: Live Another Day


|Grey’s Anatomy

|Big Sky



|Buffy, Cazavampiros


| Five brothers

| Code Black

| How I met your mother

| With love, Victor

|Cougar Town

| File X

| Host family

| Helstrom

| Sons of Anarchy

| Mars

| Lie to me

|Modern Family

| Desperate Housewives

| Family Guy



|Prison Break





|Sleepy Hollow


|Solar Opposites

| The Gifted: The Chosen

|The Hot Zone

|The Strain

|The Walking Dead


|Ugly Betty

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Guardians of the Galaxy 3


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