Starbucks Employees Unite in National Strike for Justice and Fairness

By: Dan Cooper

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Starbucks Faces Backlash Over Pride Policy

Starbucks, the popular coffee chain, has found itself in the midst of controversy after a group of employees decided to join a national strike in response to the company’s Pride policy. This incident took place at the Cypress Park location, where employees staged a protest by decorating the store with Pride decorations while keeping the lights off inside. Similar scenes have been observed at around 70 other Starbucks locations across the country.

Removal of Pride Merchandise Sparked the Protest

According to the striking employees, Starbucks managers have been removing Pride merchandise and decorations from the stores without providing any explanation. In response, most branches have adjusted their operating hours while some have even decided to shut down completely. Starbucks claims that this walkout is a tactic employed by the union, as employees from approximately 200 stores seek to join the 150 locations that have already unionized.

Lack of Negotiation Meetings and Contracts

Striking employees have voiced their dissatisfaction with the company’s lack of response. They allege that Starbucks has only agreed to one negotiation meeting over the past year and that there is still no contract in place. Workers claim that they have been working tirelessly and are often understaffed, yet are still expected to meet certain performance targets. Leila Trejo, a striking Starbucks employee at the Cypress Park location, stated, “Sometimes we don’t have enough people working, even when we’re understaffed, we’re expected to hit certain metrics, which we can achieve but it’s really hard.”

Starbucks Supports LGBTQ+ Community

Starbucks, on the other hand, has declared its support for the LGBTQ+ community and its employees. The strike only lasted for one day, and as a result, the Cypress Park location and other branches have returned to their normal operations as of Monday.

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