Starbucks stores in the US experience shortage of coffee cups and syrups

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Los locales de Starbucks en EE.UU. experimentan escasez de vasos y jarabes de café

In the United States, the popular Starbucks coffee shop chain is running out of basic products in some of its stores, due to increased demand as restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic are lifted. informs The Wall Street Journal.

Among the products and articles that are in deficit or that have already been completed are the oat milk, coffee syrups, flavorings, glasses and their lids. The company has temporarily excluded drinks made with oat milk, as well as other products that are in lower demand, from its menu to focus on the more popular ones.

From Starbucks they have ensured that the shortage of supplies and items is temporary, and that it varies according to the place and the market.

Shortage of other products

However, that chain of coffee shops is not the only one facing a lack of products. Other restaurants have reported a tomato sauce deficit and oil for frying. One of the reasons for this shortage is problems in the supply chain, which has caused the price increase.

In addition, as economic activities in the US are resuming, many companies have remained without labor. A Starbucks coffee shop in the state of Wisconsin had to offer 200 dollars to your employees if they recommend other people to work in that location.

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