Starfield invites us to discover more of his vast universe in a new video with Todd Howard

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Starfield It is one of the new generation video games that is creating the highest expectations among players eager for new and different experiences in the video game world; and is that the new of Bethesda promises to be a voyage of discovery across the cosmos in the form of an ambitious RPG. So much so, that the director of the game Todd Howard, the director of the study Angela Browder and the art director Matt Carofano they have shared their impressions of the title development through a new video titled Towards the starfield: the infinite quest and that you can see below.

Ambition and passion in the new from Bethesda

Thus, and as shared from Bethesda, three of the top managers of Starfield have shared with the fans a “talk about the ambitions, passions and history who have shaped Bethesda Game Studios and how they see the future with Starfield. Stay tuned in the months to come, as we will have more episodes of Into the Stellar Field, ”a new series of videos by way of development journal that Bethesda will offer throughout 2022.

Todd Howard himself introduces this first episode of To the starfield ensuring that the video game is a unique form of entertainment capable of providing unique sensations. Angela Browder, for her part, comments that it is essential for them to maintain the essence of Bethesda in their new game, although she also highlights what new generations of creatives and designers can contribute to go one step further.

Finally, Matt Carofano assures that one of the main objectives of Starfield is to offer each player a unique and different experience of the rest, opening before them a universe brimming with possibilities. However, all three agree that Starfield should be the video game that offers levels of exploration never seen before in the history of the company, also betting on a much more focus realistic and scientific than other franchises of the house like The Elder Scrolls, more focused on fantasy.

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Starfield is scheduled to launch in PC and Xbox Series X|S the November 11, 2022.

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