Starfield: The Development "has progressed enormously", Bethesda assures

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Bethesda did not want to miss the occasion to congratulate all the players on the holidays. In a video of just 30 seconds, which you can see just below these lines, producer and developer Todd Howard has briefly referred to Starfield, sci-fi IP in which the studio has been working for years. In his own words, development is going from strength to strength and has made a lot of progress in 2021.

“Hello, from all of us who are working at Bethesda Game Studios, I want to thank you for becoming a part of Costelation. The team has made great progress at Starfield this year and we are looking forward to showing you next year”. Next, you wanted to spend a few seconds congratulating Christmas. In previous statements, Howard himself hinted that summer will be the time chosen to present the video game in style.

Starfield, translated and dubbed into Spanish

The European version of Starfield will reach the market completely localized to Spanish. This has been confirmed by Bethesda on the official Steam page, where they indicate that both the subtitles and the voices will be in Spanish. In addition, it can also be configured in English, German, French and Japanese. On the other hand, the study owned by Xbox Game Studios uncovered the title track, which was played at the official 10th anniversary concert of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Starfield is planned for the next November 11, 2022 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. It is, therefore, the company’s second video game for new generation systems after Deathloop, since Xbox One is not expected to receive its respective port. It will not be released on PlayStation consoles either, since it is considered an exclusive to the ecosystem (in addition to Steam). Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy it from day 1.

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