StarFox Zero: PlatinumGames shows interest in bringing the game to Nintendo Switch

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StarFox Zero was part of the exclusive catalog of Nintendo Wii U, and one of the few titles of the same that has not been relaunched on Nintendo Switch. Something that, if it depended on PlatinumGames, would change immediately, since it has been Atsushi Inaba, studio director, who has shown VGC his interest in bringing it to the hybrid console. “If a real possibility arises, definitely yes, it is something we would like to think about”He says. Likewise, it also assumes that it is not something that depends exclusively on them, in addition to reflecting on the nature of the game and its control system: “we must remember that the intellectual property belongs to Nintendo and the ideas come from Miyamoto-san; we have to respect that”.

StarFox Zero: two screens, motion control and variety of vehicles

Nintendo’s long-running franchise, starring the fireproof Fox McCloud and his crew, debuted nothing more and nothing less than 28 years on Super Nintendo. Since then it has been present on all Nintendo desktop consoles, as well as on some portable ones: Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo 3DS … and Wii U, the platform on which StarFox Zero was released. The result? A delivery with lights and shadows, but one of the most varied and revolutionary. In our analysis, we highlighted its commitment to the two screens, the controls taking advantage of the movement sensors of the Wii U remote and the possibility of piloting different vehicles.

In addition, we said that the game “half achieves what he set out to do. On the one hand, we have a title that inherits much of the good from its legacy, with intense and frenetic missions, great final bosses and a high replayability that does not lack variety thanks to the vehicles and alternative -challenging- roads. The bet on the two screens convinces when it comes to aiming with precision in many moments. But unfortunately, not everything works as one might expect. The control will offer us, even after finishing and re-finishing the phases and getting great scores, chaotic moments, partly due to the response of a vehicle such as the Walker or due to an improvement targetting system. Technically it could give more of itself, but with a great soundtrack and a high-pitched Castilian dubbing, StarFox Zero has lights and shadows”.

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Currently, StarFox Zero is alone available on Nintendo Wii U, the only platform on which it came out.

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