Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake | Primeros detalles: será "an amazing RPG"

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Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake was one of the sensations of the PlayStation Shocase that we attended last Thursday. The return of a myth of both the RPG genre and the universe Star Wars It is a dream come true for many fans, it will arrive exclusively for PS5 (temporary, later it will be able to leave on other platforms) and the development is the responsibility of Aspyr. The announcement, which showed us a short but spectacular teaser trailer, left us many questions related to the nature of the project, and thanks to the statements of its managers shared by the official website of the franchise, We can already give you the first details of the game.

Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake | Aspyr wishes to “do justice to such an incredible game as this”

That’s how hopeful is the message of Orion Kellog de LucasFilm Games. The executive producer of the company claims to be an unconditional fan of Star Wars and to know its video games, especially the classic chosen to develop an ambitious remake: “I grew up being a fan of BioWare RPGsBut it was while testing KOTOR that I realized how cinematic they could be. When I played and saw the skyscrapers of Taris thanks to the movement of the camera, I felt that I was in that world like I had never experienced before. And now we want to create an amazing RPG”He comments.

For his part, Aspyr’s Ryan Treadwell has not hesitated to show the project’s levels of ambition: “Speaking on behalf of the entire team, most of us are used to developing in AAA video games, and working at KOTOR is a dream for everyone . We are very excited and wish to do justice to such an amazing game as this.”.

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Regarding the possible changes that we will see between BioWare’s work and the remake, both agree on the challenge of dealing with a game of such depth and history, and they assure that they have a “talented” team (the studio has creatives who have worked in Ghost of Tsushima and Demon’s Souls Remake, among others) that you will know understand the depth level of the title to reconstruct it in the best possible way, trying to bring the experience “to all audiences”, but without leaving behind the fans of the legendary RPG.

Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake se encuentra actualmente on its early stages of developing. There is no detail whatsoever on a possible release date and to debut exclusively for PS5 (later it will be able to leave in other platforms without specifying)

Source | Aspyr in the page official Web from Star Wars


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