StarzPlay partners with Pantaya and Fabula to produce El Refugio with Ana Claudia Talancón and Alberto Guerra

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StarzPlay continues to grow in Latin America with the production of original series. Remember that next October MalaYerba, the first show in Spanish on the US platform. Now, it is confirmed that he will co-produce The shelter next to Equal, Fremantle, the producer Fable, winner of the Oscar Awards.

This new science fiction series will star Ana Claudia Talancón, known for her participation in Like fallen from the sky and Alberto Guerra from The pack. As if that were not enough, it will have the direction of the Argentine filmmaker Pablo Fendrik, who worked on the movie Ardor.

Alberto Guerra will star in El Refugio (Photo: StarzPlay)

“We are excited to push the boundaries of premium Spanish-language series with ‘El Refugio’, which is a brilliant fusion of various genres.”, said Mario Almeida, Head of content at Pantaya. While, Supernal Kalle, the president of Starz International Networks indicated: “We are eager to share the unique story that ‘El Refugio’ offers full of suspense, love and family themes, with STARZPLAY audiences in Latin America, Brazil and Spain”.

As reported StarzPlay, The shelter is about a family that experiences the strangest hours of their lives when unusual phenomena begin to occur, apparently caused by an alien invasion or an unidentified force of nature. But everything happens through their screens. When they go outside, nothing seems to happen, apart from what spring in the Mexican countryside holds for a group of humans. Parents must protect their children from an invisible enemy that even they don’t know really exists.


Argentine Pablo Fendrik will be the director of El Refugio

The shelter will have six episodes of about an hour with an original script by Julio Rojas, Francisco Ortega and Enrique Videla. Another highlight of the series is that it has the production of Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larrain, Ángela Poblete and Mariane Hartard, from Fabula, and Christian Vesper, from Fremantle. The production management began 10 weeks ago and has already concluded in the city of Santiago de Chile. It will premiere in Latin America, Brazil and Spain on StarzPlay and in the United States and Puerto Rico on Pantaya.

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