StarzPlay premiered Dr. Death, an ideal series for fans of stories based on real events

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Sometimes stories based on real events have that flavor that makes them more attractive over those that are built on pure fiction. In case of Dr. Death It is one of them. The original production of StarzPlay has in detail the sinister case of Christopher Duntsch, a former neurosurgeon who was sentenced to life imprisonment for mutilating several of his patients during operations under his charge. Two of them passed away. On Spoiler, we saw the complete series and we will tell you why you cannot miss it, especially if you are a fan of true stories.

Created by Patrick Macmanus, Dr. Death Not only is it a true story but it is also based on the podcast of the same name. The series is about Christopher Duntsch, interpreted by Joshua Jackson, a young man who has just graduated from a doctor and begins to be successful in the city of Dallas, Texas. In fact, little by little, he is becoming a kind of celebrity of medicine, with whom many people want to treat themselves.

However, this is just a mask behind which Duntsch hides his dark and terrifying identity. It is that, with the passage of time, several of the patients leave the operating room with mutilations and serious complications in their body. There, two doctors enter history who begin to follow the steps very closely to stop him. It’s about the neurosurgeon, Robert Henderson, interpreted by Alec Baldwin and the vascular surgeon, Randall Kirby, interpreted by Christian Slater.

Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater y AnnaSophia Robb (Photo Credits: StarzPlay)

How is Dr. Death and what does he have in favor of

Dr. Death which has eight chapters has several points in favor. In principle, what is interesting is the narrative structure used to tell the facts. Navigate between the present and the past to learn more about Duntsch’s darkness and, in some way, how he gradually becomes that cynical and feared monster. The series follows his story in college as a football student, his relationship with his father, who was also a doctor, and then with whom he becomes his wife and must also suffer the violence of Duntsch.

Moreover, it is impossible not to applaud the performance of Joshua Jackson like Duntsch. Canadian actor, who became known for his participation in the teen series Dawson’s Creek, gives us an exceptional performance worthy of nomination to the Emmy Awards. There is no doubt that this role is a real achievement for Jackson, who came from playing complex characters, yes, as in the case of Cole Lockhart on The Affair, but rarely as a leading man.

Dr. Death

The series is now available on StarzPlay (Photo: StarzPlay)

In addition, as if that were not enough, he is accompanied by great actors such as Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater, who bring us a very committed look at the fight by doctors Henderson and Kirby, who for years faced the terror of Duntsch alone without the Justice listening to them. Finally, AnnaSophia Robb, whom many will know for his role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, plays the Dallas prosecutor and a key player in Duntsch’s arrest. Without her, it would have been impossible to stop him and the 27-year-old actress also contributes with intelligence and cunning the courage of a woman who should have followed her hunch without the approval of anyone to do justice.

Dr. Death in a way it is timely because it shows us, on the one hand, the bravery of two doctors who did not stop for a single second in their goal of stopping Christopher Duntsch. And, on the other, the courage of a young prosecutor, who despite prejudice and macho precepts, joined forces and together they were finally able to make Duntsh pay for his crimes. From this Sunday, September 12 the series is now available at StarzPlay and you will be able to see one chapter per week.

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