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Paula Echevarría’s Daring Looks on Got Talent

Paula Echevarría is taking the new edition of Got Talent by storm, wowing audiences with her bold hairstyles, makeup, and outfits. The actress is showcasing her daring and groundbreaking side, donning different types of looks that are generating lots of buzz.

Working alongside renowned stylist Alberto Dugarte, Echevarría has formed a perfect tandem with her hair and makeup artist. “Paula is constantly finding out, watching, reading, capturing images… She is a 100% trend hunter and is very clear about the things she likes,” says Alberto, who shared some of the secrets of the actress’s looks in the Telecinco program.

Are You Ready for Got Talent’s All Stars Special?

As the director of makeup and hairdressing for Got Talent Spain, Alberto is excited to introduce the show’s All Stars special, featuring all the winning stars and finalists in the world. “We are going to see a lot of fashion, spectacular numbers… It is going to be a spectacular edition, loaded with a lot of talent,” promises Alberto.

What Can We Expect from Echevarría’s Looks?

Following last year’s daring and original looks, Echevarría will continue the same line of a lot of fashion, glam, asymmetrical effect, short, mixed with long sparkles, fringe, and a lot of trend in hairdressing. “We combine super well when it comes to combining the look…you cannot miss it,” says Alberto.

Playing with Different Hairstyles and Makeup

From loose hair to XXL ponytail, to intense eye makeup, Echevarría is taking risks and playing with different looks. “We create completely different looks that are causing a brutal sensation. They are very different looks and those that remain to be seen! That we have created a completely different look for each gala,” reveals Alberto.

Echevarría’s Hair Texture and Quality

Alberto loves working with Echevarría’s hair, which is super easy to manipulate. “Whatever you do to it, you get the effect you want to achieve and it stays, and that’s wonderful,” he touts.

Working with Extensions and Skin Care

Alberto isn’t afraid to use extensions to achieve Echevarría’s looks, noting that they use her natural hair for natural shoulder-length hair. As for her skin, Echevarría takes great care of it, which reflects in her makeup.

Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows — All of Echevarría’s Features are Strong

When it comes to makeup, Echevarría can stand out anywhere. “Sometimes we decide to highlight the lip more and we bet everything on a red lip, other times we bet more on the eye and enhance the look a lot… With Paula, I am lucky that we can play to choose what we want to highlight or where we want to put the focus of attention in each intervention,” explains Alberto.

Working with a Popular Client

Working with a popular client like Echevarría is something Alberto is used to, having worked with many highly observed women before. He enjoys both the good and the bad, learning from constructive criticism and celebrating successful looks.

Are you excited to see Echevarría’s looks on Got Talent? Tune in to Telecinco for this spectacular edition!

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