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Stay at the Famous “Jersey Shore” House Now

Years have passed since the iconic final episode of MTV’s original “Jersey Shore” aired. Despite some controversy over how the show portrayed The Garden State, it became wildly popular.

While the “Jersey Shore” franchise continues to thrive, nothing quite matches the original series. Did you know that the renowned house from the show in Seaside Heights, NJ, is now available for rent?

This house is undeniably one of the most famous along the Jersey coastline. As of July 2024, you can stay in the very house where Vinny, Sammie, Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the cast filmed their legendary episodes.

Aside from its fame, the house itself is quite spacious. It features six bedrooms and three bathrooms, making it ideal for large gatherings. It also boasts a prime location right along the boardwalk.

Despite some locals’ frustration with how the show depicted the Shore and Seaside Heights, it ultimately had a positive impact on the region. The ongoing interest in the house is a testament to this.

If you’re planning a trip down the Shore and want to stay in this iconic house, now is your chance. According to, the rental cost is $3,500 per night. While this may seem steep, it becomes reasonable when shared among a large group.

More details on “Jersey Shore” summer rentals, including booking information, are available through Seaside Realty NJ. However, opportunities to rent the house are limited, so act quickly.