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Stay Where ‘Megalopolis’ Was Created: Coppola’s New All-Movie Hotel

Francis Ford Coppola is enhancing the filmmaking experience with his latest venture, the All-Movie Hotel. This innovative hotel offers a blend of hospitality and top-notch facilities essential for producing films of various budgets, from independent projects to large-scale productions. Not only is it a haven for filmmakers, but it’s also a destination for cinephiles eager to immerse themselves in the filmmaking process.

Positioned in Peachtree City, GA, where Coppola completed post-production for his self-funded film “Megalopolis,” the All-Movie Hotel is described as the first of its kind. Coppola reflects on his inspiration: “I envisioned The All-Movie Hotel to be a space where filmmakers could truly immerse themselves in the creative process, fostering a collaborative environment that inspires innovation.” He shared his affection for Peachtree City, its community, and the serene natural settings accessible via famed golf cart paths. He aims to offer a unique retreat for filmmakers and guests from his worldwide Hideaway properties.

The All-Movie Hotel is the newest addition to Coppola’s Hideaway company, which also includes estates in Belize, Guatemala, Argentina, and Italy. Notably, this is the first Hideaway location in the United States.

The hotel features 27 suites and rooms, all personally designed by Coppola himself. Additionally, the property boasts state-of-the-art post-production facilities, including two modular edit suites with laser projection and Meyer Sound 2.1 monitoring, two edit bays, offices, an ADR recording room, and a conference room. There’s also an insert stage with a 360-degree blue or black screen, and a “Green Room,” a welcoming space complete with a full kitchen where groups can share meals, enjoy espresso breaks, and celebrate post-production achievements.

Moreover, the hotel includes a screening room/theater for private viewings, daily screenings, editing, or 9.1.6 Atmos sound mixing, all with calibrated Meyer sound monitoring. Added luxuries include a swimming pool, wardrobe fitting room, and gym.

Guests have the unique opportunity to book Coppola’s personal suite where he resided during the production of “Megalopolis.”

Coppola’s legacy of celebrating art and offering opportunities to artists is further cemented with the creation of The All-Movie Hotel. It stands as a dedicated film hub in Peachtree City, providing filmmakers with comprehensive facilities to support their creative visions.

Check out a grand tour of the All-Movie Hotel below.

Source: IndieWire