Steam Deck delayed: Valve updates the status of its new device going to 2022

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Steam Deck, the new portable video game device by Valve, responsible for the digital store Steam for PC, it delays its arrival to the market and will no longer be available next December, as planned. This has been announced by Gabe Newell’s company, confirming that Steam Deck will now arrive in February 2022, or what is the same, announcing a delay of a couple of months on the original launch plans for the new machine.

Shortage of materials for electronics

This has been communicated by Valve through its official website, arguing that the material shortage For electronics manufacturing, an evil that plagues so many industries today, is the main setback that has caused this small gap in the original Steam Deck launch.

“We are very sorry, because we did everything possible to avoid widespread problems in the supply chain, but due to a shortage of materials, our factories they are not receiving the components in time to meet the initially planned release dates, “they say from Valve in their official statement.

“Based on our new calculations, Steam Deck shipments will start in February 2022. This will be the new start date for the reservation queue; You will not lose your position, but the dates will be delayed based on these changes. The planned reservation dates will be updated shortly after this announcement ”, conclude those responsible for the new and long-awaited portable device.

With the new date marked on the calendar, we will see if finally Valve can begin supplying Steam Deck units next February, placing us in the near future for any news about its launch. Let us remember that the lack of electronic components is affecting a large part of the companies that are dedicated to the assembly and manufacture of devices of all kinds, with the start of the new generation as one of the sectors most affected with the shortage of units of PS5 and Xbox Series in the shops.

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