Steam Deck will be compatible with games like Apex Legends, Destiny 2 or PUBG finally

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When the Steam Deck was officially announced, Valve put its hand on fire: it promised that all products in the current library would be compatible with the machine. In fact, they said they would consider a bug if any of them didn’t work. However, it soon emerged that certain multiplayer titles were not going to move from the main menu due to problems with the sistemas antitrampas. Now that problem is closer to being solved.

The situation was not easy, because some of the most successful and popular multiplayer titles were going to be left out of the Steam Deck. They are video game like Apex Legends, Fall Guys, PUBG, Destiny 2, Apex Legends o Halo: The Masterchief CollectionProducts that can finally be enjoyed in Valve’s portable system.

Two anti-trap systems that are already compatible with Steam Deck

EasyAntiCheat, one of the most popular anti-cheat systems, announced in an official statement that it would be compatible with Mac and Linux. Steam Deck’s operating system, Steam OS, is based on Linux and uses Proton to run the games as if they worked on Windows. “To make it easier for developers to launch their games on PC, we added support for Wine and Proton.”

BattlEye has also done the same, another technology that developers use to avoid cheating in their games. “BattlEye has provided native support for Linux and Mac for a long time, and now we can announce that will also work with Steam Deck (Proton)“However, activating this feature will be up to the developers themselves, as explained on their official Twitter account.

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Steam Deck is a portable machine that hides a whole PC inside. The console will begin to arrive from December, but not all customers who pre-order it will receive it in 2021. Valve’s idea is to provide the hardware gradually and in different waves.

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