Step by step, how to obtain the digital vaccination certificate through the Mi Argentina app

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Step by step, how to obtain the digital vaccination certificate through the Mi Argentina app

The Government of the Nation incorporated in the application My Argentina, which already allows you to have the DNI, the driving license or the green card of the car, a digital credential that shows if a person has already been vaccinated.

Inside the app, in “My documents”, you can see the “Covid-19 vaccination certificate”. On the first screen you can see when it was applied and the dose amounts.

When you click on view credential, the screen will be in horizontal format. On the first page will be a QR code with information and the name and ID of the person. Dragging to the right we can see the name and type of vaccine, the batch number and the place of application, as well as the dose and the date it was given.

“If you were vaccinated against COVID-19, now you can find in My documents, the credential that proves that you are vaccinated with the name of the vaccine, batch, dose and place of application to present it where it is required,” reports the portal of My Argentina.

The tool, which serves as a document within the country and soon as a health passport for international travel, takes the information on the inoculation obtained from the Nominalized Federal Vaccination Registry.

The application will soon also have information on PCR results and immunization certificates for sons and daughters. “For the first time, we have a unified and digital registry of all the people who were actually given the vaccine”, Highlighted about the tool the head of the Ministry of Public Innovation, Micaela Sánchez.

Some frequently asked questions about the digital certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 available in the My Argentina app.

What is it?

It is the digital credential available in My Argentina that certifies that the vaccine was applied to you.

Who can access the digital certificate?

If you were vaccinated against COVID-19 you can see your vaccination certificate in My Argentina. Download the app, creat your account Y validate your identity.

What information does it bring?

The credential contains your data: name, surname, DNI number, vaccine data: name, batch and number of doses; the place and date where it was applied.

What is the source of the data?

Each jurisdiction is responsible for the information load of each person who is vaccinated and then appears on the credential.

Where do I report errors in my credential?

If you see a certificate and you were not vaccinated or your credential has errors in your data or that of the vaccine, you can report the error to the national health system for it to be analyzed and together with the corresponding jurisdiction to make the necessary rectification.

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