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Stephen King Praises Jeremy Renner with ‘Bada-s’ Compliment

Stephen King, the celebrated author and television critic, recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to shower praise on Jeremy Renner for his role in Paramount+’s crime thriller, Mayor of Kingstown, Deadline reports. The series, crafted by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon, explores the intricate dynamics of the McLusky family, influential power brokers in the fictional town of Kingstown, Michigan.

King expressed his admiration for the show and Renner’s portrayal of Mike McLusky, the central character, despite admitting some confusion about the plot. He compared the series to acclaimed shows like The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, appreciating its gritty storytelling and character-driven narrative.

“I have no f—ing clue what’s going on in THE MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN, but I love this show,” King posted on X. His comparison to other hit series highlights the intensity and complexity brought by Mayor of Kingstown to television screens.

King also praised Renner’s resilience, noting the actor’s return for Season 3 following a life-threatening snowplow accident in early 2023. “Jeremy Renner is a bada– who got run over by a snowplow and came back for Season Fucking Three!” King shared enthusiastically.

Renner’s personal journey, including his recent reflections on the Smartless podcast about managing emotional challenges, adds a profound depth to his portrayal of Mike McLusky. He has indicated a preference for roles that resonate with his current emotional state, highlighting the immense personal toll of his recent experiences.

Since its debut, Mayor of Kingstown has received mixed reviews. Season 1 holds an approval rating of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, showing initial critical skepticism. However, Season 2 saw improvement with a 50% approval rating, as the show’s narrative depth began to develop further.

The most recent season, Season 3, has received a significant critical boost, achieving a 71% current approval rating. This increase indicates a maturation in storytelling and character development that has been well received by viewers.

Despite the varying critical opinions, Mayor of Kingstown has consistently attracted a loyal and substantial audience, solidifying its status as one of Paramount+’s top-performing shows. This strong viewer base demonstrates the series’ widespread appeal and ongoing relevance in the competitive streaming landscape.

Looking to the future, the prospects for Mayor of Kingstown appear bright. Supported by its growing popularity and critical acclaim for Season 3, the show is set to continue evolving under Sheridan and Dillon’s creative direction. Jeremy Renner’s portrayal of Mike McLusky will remain a central attraction, reinforced by King’s enthusiastic endorsement and the show’s increasingly complex narrative.

In conclusion, Jeremy Renner’s performance in Mayor of Kingstown has captivated viewers and earned admiration from literary giants like Stephen King. With its engaging storytelling and Renner’s tenacious portrayal, Mayor of Kingstown continues to establish its niche in the realm of television crime dramas.

Source: Deadline