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Steve Harvey Orders 'Family Feud' Contestants to Stop Clapping

Steve Harvey Orders ‘Family Feud’ Contestants to Stop Clapping

Steve Harvey is no stranger to being surprised by the answers on Family Feud. The game show frequently captures moments of Harvey with his jaw dropped and an incredulous expression. In a recent episode, Harvey even had to tell the contestants to “stop clapping” in response to an inappropriate answer. What left Steve Harvey so flabbergasted this time? Let’s dive into the details.

In the latest episode, the Kaczanowski family faced off against the Terrell family for the second consecutive day. Harvey posed an intriguing question: “Name something most men can’t do well but women try to teach them anyway.”

Without missing a beat, Darius Terrell from the Terrell family answered, “Dress.” Since this was not one of the top eight answers on the board, the turn went to Dan Kaczanowski. His response, “Cook,” captured the number one spot, motivating his family to go for the play.

However, Kate from the Kaczanowski family wasn’t as fortunate with her answer. She said, “Drive,” rendering Steve Harvey momentarily speechless.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

After collecting his thoughts, Harvey couldn’t resist a joke. “Y’all got a lot of nerve! No woman in here needs to be clapping with your non-driving a** crazy-a** driving!” he remarked, much to the audience’s amusement.

Fortunately for Kate and the family, “Drive” wasn’t on the board, which seemed to relieve Harvey. “Let me tell you right now, that better not have been up there,” he laughed.

In the end, the Terrell family managed to steal the points from the Kaczanowskis, effectively dethroning the two-day champions.

Beyond his role on Family Feud, Steve Harvey recently returned from a vacation in Italy. Fans quickly noticed his stylish vacation outfits shared on social media.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey - Instagram
Instagram/Steve Harvey

The comedian was seen donning a bright yellow button-up paired with white, baggy pants, white sandals, mirrored shades, a luxury watch, and a matching sun hat with a silver pin. In other photographs, Harvey carried a sandwich and a black bag, while also flaunting a grey beard — a departure from his usual clean-shaven look. Clearly, he was in basking in vacation mode.

Regular viewers of Family Feud can catch the show on weekdays on ABC. Be sure to check your local listings for specific times.

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