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Steve Harvey Shocked by ‘Gross’ Answer on ‘Family Feud’

Steve Harvey is no stranger to exhibiting extreme reactions on Family Feud. Whether it’s surprise, disgust, or sheer shock, his expressions often add an extra layer of entertainment to the show. While skepticism remains whether these reactions are entirely authentic or not, they undeniably make for memorable television moments. But this week, one particular answer managed to evoke a reaction from Steve that seemed a tad more genuine and filled with a bit more disgust than usual.

The question that took Steve Harvey by surprise was, “Name something a delivery boy might do to your pizza if you never tip him.” The Terrell family provided three correct answers: “Spin On/Lick In,” “Drop It,” and “Eat It.” As Steve started to reveal the remaining answers on the board, the unexpected answer in the No. 6 spot was “Fart On It.” Steve’s reaction said it all. He stared at the board in disbelief, uttering a simple, “Wow,” as the audience also struggled with how to react. Taking a moment to gather himself, Steve eventually moved on with the game.

Such instances are not rare in Family Feud. Just last week, another question led to some equally surprising responses. Contestants were asked, “Name a place you’ve made love and felt guilty about it.” One man boldly answered, “In the room with the kids, they were sleeping.” Steve was visibly shocked and even suggested the man take the “X” instead. To everyone’s surprise, the answer was indeed on the board.

In another instance last week, a Fourth of July-related question drew unusual reactions. When asked what people eat the most during the holiday, someone answered, “Hot dogs.” The board’s response was “Plump Weiners,” a term that many Family Feud fans found distasteful and objectionable.

The quiz show also often throws in questions that lead to bewildering responses. A recent query asked, “What might a dumb guy buy from a hardware store for a do-it-yourself vasectomy?” Some of the answers were downright strange. One contestant suggested a “scalpel,” which is not typically found in hardware stores. However, this answer was counted right as it matched “Knife/Blades.” Another contestant bizarrely answered, “A watch,” leaving everyone puzzled as to how it could be of any use in such a situation. By that point, even Steve Harvey seemed eager for the round to end.

These peculiar questions and awkward moments often make Family Feud a compelling watch, keeping the audience entertained with unexpected turns. From gross answers to inappropriate settings, the show never fails to catch viewers off guard.

What do you think about these recent Family Feud questions and answers? Are they becoming too outrageous? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace