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Steve Harvey’s Shocking New Look Leaves ‘Family Feud’ Fans Stunned

Family Feud host Steve Harvey is known for his signature fancy suits and iconic mustache. However, during a recent vacation in Italy, the popular game show host and comedian was spotted looking completely unrecognizable. So, what does Steve Harvey look like when he’s off the clock and in vacation mode?

If you’re in the entertainment business long enough, you have the opportunity to craft a signature look. This could be a unique hairstyle, a distinct way of dressing, or even a memorable catchphrase. Over the years, Steve Harvey has become known for several things. Particularly since taking over as the host of Family Feud, Harvey has been all about the flashy suits. You never know exactly what ensemble he will step out onto the set wearing.

The crown jewel of Steve Harvey’s iconic look, even more recognizable than his wild suits or clever punchlines, is his mustache. In a world where many men have facial hair, Harvey’s mustache stands out as truly iconic and impossible to miss. There are countless memes out there about Steve Harvey’s mustache. Much like how Elvis Presley had his sideburns, the Family Feud host has his mustache—a feature so recognizable that even those who don’t regularly tune in to the game show can identify him by it.

However, Steve Harvey recently took a rare break from his Family Feud hosting duties to enjoy some rest and relaxation in Italy. During this vacation, pictures of Steve Harvey surfaced, showing him looking completely different than his usual on-screen persona. In addition to his trademark mustache, Harvey sported a gray beard—something fans don’t typically see on the game show.

On top of growing out his beard, Steve Harvey also traded his pressed suits for casual button-down shirts, with no ties in sight. This vacation is a break in more ways than one for Harvey, who seems to be letting loose and stepping away from his usual dressing and grooming habits.

Harvey is clearly taking a well-deserved break. At 67 years old, he continues to work hard, and his fans agree that he has more than earned this period of leisure.

Source: TV Shows Ace