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Steve-O Admits He's ‘Freaked Out’ by His Commitment to a Risqué Comedy Bit

Steve-O Admits He’s ‘Freaked Out’ by His Commitment to a Risqué Comedy Bit

Steve-O is fully committed to his comedic stunts!

On the Wednesday, July 3, episode of the “X5 podcast,” the Jacka– alum opened up about his decision to undergo a breast augmentation surgery purely for comedic reasons.
Steve-O is a famous comedian. @steveo/Instagram

“A few years ago, I thought of getting a breast job and recording a series of legitimately funny hidden camera pranks while in disguise,” he shared. “At the end of each prank, I’d reveal my true identity. There would be funny endurance stunts and a variety of things.”

Steve-O, 50, believes that this idea embodies the level of commitment he is known for. “I’ve always loved this idea because it offers so much comedic potential,” he stated. “It’s quintessentially me.”
Steve-O claimed he will be getting a breast job for a comedy bit. @steveo/Instagram

He even had an appointment set up to discuss the surgery, planning to keep the inserts for just “two months.” Steve-O expressed his concerns to the doctors, particularly about any post-surgery complications.

“I spoke candidly to the doctors, saying, ‘What if I end up being a mess afterward?'” Steve-O revealed. “They reassured me that it would not be an issue as the implants would be under the muscle. ‘Two months in, and then we can take them out with absolutely no issue,’ they said.”
Steve-O starred on ‘Jacka–.’ @steveo/Instagram

Steve-O continued by highlighting his history with body modification. “From my back tattoo to my butt piercing, body modification has always been a part of my art since the beginning,” he said. “This level of commitment to a bit is just a part of who I am.”

After the podcast episode aired, Steve-O, who is engaged to Lux Wright, shared some footage from the interview.
Steve-O is engaged to Lux Wright. @steveo/Instagram

“I said way more in this interview than I should have, but who cares! My life is about to get properly crazy,” he wrote alongside a clip where he discussed the breast augmentation.

This isn’t Steve-O’s first time sharing unexpected news on a podcast. In an April episode of “Wild Ride!,” the sober star recounted being forced to turn down an appearance on Bill Maher’s podcast.

“I’m a clean and sober guy, and maintaining my sobriety is approaching 16 years. It’s very important to me,” he explained. “There’s nothing I value or protect more than my recovery.”

Steve-O found it upsetting when he was invited to Bill Maher’s podcast, where the host insisted on smoking pot during interviews. “I said I’d happily go on, but out of respect for my sobriety, could he refrain from smoking pot while I’m there. He said no, and that’s a dealbreaker for me.”

Source: OK!