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Steve-O Plans to Get Breast Implants

Steve-O says he’s planning to get breast implants to film new pranks.

The Jackass star, 50, has long been known for pushing physical and ethical boundaries in his comedy.

Speaking to the X5 podcast, Steve-O said: “I came up with the idea a few years ago to get a boob job and just film a bunch of legitimately funny hidden camera pranks with me in disguise, in various disguises, and then revealing who I actually am, and just funny endurance stunts, and whatever.”

He added that the idea of actually undergoing surgery for the bit tickled him: “I’ve been so particularly in love with that idea because the comedy, the opportunity for comedy I believe is absolutely there, and it’s like the quintessential Steve-O – that level of commitment.”

Steve-O continued to say that he didn’t want to permanently alter his body and that he would give it “two months, then they’re coming out.”

The London-born stunt performer and stand-up said he had been reassured by doctors that there would be no lasting damage to his body.

“I spoke with the doctors, and I said to them candidly, ‘The one thing I’m really freaked out about, and bummed out about, and would back out of this over, is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterwards,’” he said.

“You know, it’s going under the muscle, and the doctors are completely unfazed, like, ‘Two months, it comes out, absolutely no issue.’”

Referring to the number of tattoos and piercings he has, Steve-O said that “body modification has been part of my f**king deal” and added: “It’s been a lane in my art since the beginning. And this level of commitment to this bit, how nuts it is – I believe in it, and I’m gonna go ahead and do it.”

Last year, Steve-O spoke to The Independent about his Bucket List stand-up tour, which delivered “forbidden” stunts described as being “too hot for Jackass” – “not only life-threatening but flagrantly illegal”.

In one video, he was put under general anesthesia while riding a bicycle. In another, a drug was injected into his spinal cavity using a four-inch needle, which renders him paralysed – while in a full sprint. Yet another saw him leap from an airplane, completely naked and strapped to another man’s back, while “furiously masturbating” to completion.

“It’s safe to say I’m the only person that’s ever done that,” said Steve-O. “I love that I’ve done so many things that make me a pioneer.”

Source: X5 Podcast, The Independent