Steven Spielberg and Oscar Isaac’s Forgotten Project

In the week that Steven Spielberg will return to the cinema hand in hand with a classic, the remake of West Side Story, an old forgotten project resurfaced. This is a film in which he was to join forces with Oscar Isaac, one of the last artists to join the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU) hand in hand series Moon Knight, which will be seen by Disney+ and so far only a small teaser.

More than five years ago, in April 2016, it was announced that Oscar Isaac and Steven Spielberg they would work together on a movie called The Kidnapping of Edgardo Montara. The story centered on a Jewish boy kidnapped by the Papal States in the 19th century who, despite returning to his parents in adolescence, ended up becoming a priest. The movie was to be written by Tony Kushner, with whom the director had shared other projects.

The Kidnapping of Edgardo Montara I was going to have Oscar Isaac as the adult version of Edgardo already Mark Rylance, who worked with Spielberg on Bridge of spies and in Ready player one, he was going to be in charge of putting himself in the shoes of the Pope Pius IX. The idea was that the film would be released in 2017, something that obviously never happened. Apparently the problem had to do with the cast, which was never completed.

The main obstacle to Steven Spielberg was that he couldn’t find a child actor to convince him to play Edgardo Montara in his youth. In addition, he had problems with Miramax, the company of Harvey Weinstein, with whom he clashed after not wanting to direct a film about Pope Pius IX, with Robert De Niro as the protagonist. That movie was also announced in 2016 and, as with The Kidnapping of Edgardo Montara, never saw the light. Both projects seem to have been completely discarded.

Steven Spielberg’s next movie

This week the new version of West Side Story starring Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler. Nevertheless, Steven Spielberg he already thinks about his next movie, The Fabelmans, which will be released in 2022. The project will tell a semi-autobiographical story centered on the director’s childhood in Arizona. The cast will have three luxury figures: Michelle Williams will play the character inspired by the mother of Spielberg, Seth Rogen who was based on his uncle, and Paul Dano who took his father as his axis.

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