Steven Spielberg produces several Netflix films

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Netflix celebrates a coup in Hollywood: The streaming provider has signed a contract with Steven Spielberg’s production company Amblin Partners. Amblin is to produce several films per year for Netflix over several years, with Spielberg also contributing. Both sides shower each other with laurels.

Details about the collaboration stay in your message however guilty. The parties involved do not reveal for how many years the contract was concluded, nor how many or what type of films are planned. The budget is also kept secret.

Nevertheless, Netflix is ​​rightly happy. Spielberg is a giant of classic Hollywood cinema for the fifth decade in a row. Above all, he excelled as a producer and director. On the breakthrough with Great white shark 1975 followed box office hits like Close encounter of the third kind, E.T., Wrong game with Roger Rabbit, A.I., Minority Report or Schindlers List (the first Oscar-winning black and white film after the end of the black and white era), as well as series of golden donkeys such as Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Men in Black, Transformers, Gremlins, or Jurassic Park.

The cooperation shows that Netflix has also earned respect and respect in Hollywood. At the same time, it is an expression of a certain strategy: while other film studios set up their own streaming services or other streamers take over film studios, Netflix continues to rely on production by third parties. Maybe Netflix will soon be streaming games too.

Amblin Partners has already made strips for Netflix. Is particularly successful The Trial of the Chicago 7. This film received six Oscar nominations this year. The project was originally intended for Paramount Pictures (ViacomCBS). However, Paramount sold it to Netflix. In total – not just for Netflix – Amblin plans to release no fewer than 60 films this year.

In 2015, Spielberg named Amblin Partners with three colleagues as “Storyteller Distribution Co.” founded. Partners include Reliance Entertainment, Entertainment One (Hasbro), Alibaba, and Universal Pictures (Comcast). Amblin Partners should not be confused with Amblin Entertainment, which was founded by Spielberg in 1981 and has produced well-known blockbusters. Amblin Partners works are typically distributed through Amblin Entertainment, Dreamworks, and soon Netflix. Amblin’ (German: strolling) is the title of a short film made in 1968. Spielberg wrote the script, produced and edited the film at the time. It is considered to be the first professional work of the future Hollywood star.

It will be exciting to see whether and which films Netflix will release for screenings in cinemas. Public screening in a Los Angeles cinema for at least one week is a prerequisite for an Oscar nomination (with exceptions for the coronavirus pandemic). This minimum could not be enough for Spielberg. He has publicly stressed the importance of cinema distribution. Only films streamed online could earn Emmys, but according to Spielberg they should still not get any Oskars.


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