Stock Xbox Series and PS5: Phil Spencer predicts shortage of stock during 2022

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The lack of stock of new-generation consoles such as Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 will remain well into 2022, he says Phil Spencer, leader of Xbox. Like Toshiba, Foxconn, AMD, Sony and other big technology companies linked to the world of technology, the supply of chips and semiconductor materials affects the entire industrial chain; including appliances or vehicles. Supply will remain below demand for the next year.

In statements to The Wrap (via GamingBolt), the manager has spoken without hesitation about the possible challenges that await them in a year 2022 where the implementation of new consoles will continue to be slow.

That so close tradition of going down to your trusted store and taking the console you want off the shelf will not happen in the short term; at least, with Xbox Series and PS5, directly affected by this semiconductor crisis. Because It is not only a problem of lack of chips, but there are more materials with a lack of supply. A broken chain.

The lack of stock of the consoles will last during the year 2022

“I think it is too isolated to refer only to a chip problem. When I think about what it means to get the parts needed to make a console today and then take it to markets where there is demand, there are multiple points of friction in the process, “he says. And I think that, unfortunately, [la falta de stock] will be with us for months and months, undoubtedly until the end of this year and for the next year”, Completes Spencer, who regrets the discomfort that this situation can arouse to fans who want to enter, if necessary, in the new Xbox generation.

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“We are working hard to bring them to the market, but it will be a challenge that we will work on for a long time,” he concludes in this regard.

Xbox One and Xbox Series players will be able to add titles such as Forza Horizon 5 on November 5 and Halo Infinite on December 8 to their collection; both included with Xbox Game Pass since its launch.

Source | The Wrap; via GamingBolt


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