Story of Lionel Messi’s Knees: A Look into the Health Struggles of the Argentine Footballer

By: Amelia Deming

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Lionel Messi’s Physique Draws Attention on Social Media

As we well know, Lionel Messi is one of the most recognized soccer players worldwide. With a follower base on Instagram close to 500 million, the player born in Rosario commands attention on social media every time he shares a photo of himself on social media. However, one of the most recent publications by the Argentine star has drawn the attention of several Internet users due to a protrusion on his knees.

The former Barcelona player is enjoying his vacation before putting on the new Inter Miami shirt. Along these lines, it is normal to see snapshots of Lionel, Antonella, Ciro, Thiago, and Mateo on board a yacht. His latest publications of him show the impeccable physique of the “Flea” at 36 years old. Not in vain, Messi was about to receive the most expensive contract in football history if he were to sign for Al Hilal, one of the most powerful clubs in all of Saudi Arabia.

Messi’s Knees: Rumors and Reality

Tomás, Lionel Messi’s nephew, gave an interview where he talked about the magnificent gift he gave him for his 18th birthday. But, beyond the media rumors, it’s time to focus on the knee of the top scorer in the European leagues. Could it be that he underwent surgery at the last moment?

Happily for football lovers, the bulge of the Argentine star has nothing to do with an operation or physical anomaly in his knee. It turns out that Lio’s strange bulge is due to the superlative development in the muscles of the vastus medialis of the quadriceps. Such a detail of the physique of the Albiceleste captain would have returned to be put in the media eye of the press after years. During Messi’s first seasons in Barcelona, ​​the 36-year-old soccer player already gave evidence of this outstanding muscle in his legs.

Although Lio is proof that talent is his greatest virtue, we cannot ignore the great physical discipline that Rosario has had over the years. This is demonstrated in his training, diet, and others, since at his age he reflects being an elite athlete who has several more seasons at the top of football. It would not be the first time that Messi has this type of lump on his knee.

Lionel Messi’s New Millionaire Job in Saudi Arabia

After signing for Inter Miami, Lionel Messi left for Saudi Arabia to fulfill a millionaire job that he had scheduled several months ago and has to do with the income he receives from advertising. We tell you everything here.

Personal Details of Lionel Messi

Full name: Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini
Place of birth: Rosario
Nationality: Argentina
Birthday: June 24
Year of birth: 1987
Age: 35 years
Height: 1.70 m
Instagram: @leomessi

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