Stranger Things actor who suffered from alcoholism and was saved by his cat

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David Harbour He reached the age of 46 positioned among the most recognized actors in Hollywood for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. The Netflix series brought him prestige and landed him the role of Red Guardian on Black Widow. His career is at its best and that is why the interpreter does not forget the hard times he went through to reach the top: In an interview, he recalled when he suffered alcoholism and said that his cat was the one who saved his life. Shocking!

The artist is preparing to premiere his first film this Friday in Marvel. The film starring Scarlett Johansson will arrive as Harbor finishes filming the fourth season of Stranger Things. Both overlapping projects were a challenge for the actor, who even had to change his appearance in the Netflix event.

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However, his professional beginning was far from the great flashes of today. It began on Broadway in 1999 and made its television debut in 2002 in an episode of Law & Order. From there he forged a place in the industry, but before he had to overcome a difficult obstacle.

Stranger Things actor who suffered from alcoholism and was saved by his cat

At age 20, he was diagnosed with alcoholism and his struggle was so intense that he thought about committing suicide. This is what he told The Guardian: “What stopped me was: I love this cat! Who will take care of the cat? I was also horrified by the idea of ​​dying in my apartment, not being discovered for a week and being eaten by a cat. “.

Once he was able to overcome the illness, they discovered bipolar disorder and there was only one solution: Act. As he gained ground in his career, he stabilized mentally and was able to overcome his problems. For this reason, the theater became his passion and later his way of life.

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