‘Stranger Things’: Joe Keery Worked as a Waiter Before Landing the Role of Steve

Joe Keery, who is known for playing Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, didn’t always think he would go into acting. While the actor has played several other roles as Kurt Kunkle in the 2020 film, ‘Spree’ and even has a musical band called Post Animal, his participation in the horror production has earned him the recognition of the public.

But what did Joe Keery do before he acted? In a recent interview with the famous American television host, Jimmy Fallon, the interpreter revealed what his life was like before starring in the series of the streaming giant.

“I was a waiter and did commercials. He was a very good waiter, very charismatic. And what I lacked in organization I made up for, perhaps, in delivery,” Joe said.

The histrionic added that while working in a restaurant, he learned that he would be part of the cast of the series and the film, which excited him just to think that he would stop being a waiter.

“I auditioned, you know how it works. I recorded it. They didn’t tell me anything. But three months later, I was called back for a different role, for Steve,” she said.

Finally the actor gave a preview of the fifth season of the hit series. So far it is known that another character will die, however, he revealed that it is not Steve Harrington.

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