Stranger Things Places: Real or Fiction?

If you are a cinephile and you have already binge-watched all the seasons of an extremely popular web series, Stranger Things, then you might be having a common question like many others, like, is Lenora Hills a real place? And if it is, where is it in California? Well, this article is going to answer most of your questions regarding the strange places of Stranger Things.

Where is Lenora Hills California?

To be clear, Lenora Hills is no real place in California. It is a fictional town that can be seen in a thrilling web series, Stranger Things that is streaming actively on Netflix. Although Lenora Hills is believed to be set in California, the shooting for Lenora Hills is done in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Not only this, the high school that you might have acknowledged in Stranger Things is named Eldorado High School in real life. And as the filming of Stranger Things was not done in California but in Albuquerque, Mexico. Similarly, the Eldorado High School is located in Albuquerque. The other locations wherein the shooting of the web series was done include Atlanta, Georgia for the Hawkins scenes and Vilnius, Lithuania for the Russia scenes.

What is Lenora Hills, California?

Just as Hawkins and Indiana were the fictional places in other seasons of Stranger Things, the town of Lenora Hills is a place where the Byers and Eleven are moving to. The characters in this season of Stranger Things are seen attending a high school, that is, Lenora High School, which in itself is a fictional location.

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Is Lenora Hills a Real Place?

In season 4 of Stranger Things, Byers and Eleven settle themselves in a place that is known as Lenora Hills. It is shown to be in California, however, no real place in the name of Lenora Hills exists and it is a fictional location set up by the makers of the web series. 

Contrary to this, the original shooting of Stranger Things season 4 was done in Albuquerque, Mexico. Thus, Lenora Hills is not a real place, but a fictional school that is attended by the characters of the popular web series, Stranger Things. 

Is Kamchatka a Real Place?

Other than Lenora Hills, The Stranger Things has another place called Kamchatka where Adam Prince is taken to. To everyone’s surprise, this place of Stranger Things is a real one, unlike the other mysterious and historical places that you could’ve acknowledged in the show. 

Kamchatka is a peninsula that is located in the Russian Far East, which is across the Bering Strait from Alaska. Also, the scenes of the show that are based in Russia were filmed in Lithuania. The reason behind choosing this location is that it resembles quite much to Kamchatka and it is also closer to other European countries wherein the show has been shot.

Other Important Locations in Stranger Things

Not only is the Lenora Hills a topic of discussion in Stranger Things, but other mysterious and weird locations have also played a major role in the overall filming of the web series. Let us discuss them as well.

Creel House: The Claremont House, Rome, Georgia

The most important location in Stranger Things season 4 is the Creel House. This old home has a mysterious and terrific connection that results in several twists and turns in the web series. Creel House has an unknown and mystical history in Hawkins, Indiana. This place is named after Pennhurst Mental Hospital patient Victor Creel (Robert Englund). 

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The actual location of the Creel House is the historic Claremont House in Rome, Georgia. Previously, this place served as a bed and breakfast for as long as 16 years. Moreover, this old Victorian Home was built long back in 1882 and till now it is properly maintained and kept. However, the Creel House that has been depicted in Stranger Things is worn-down.

Hawkins National Lab: Briarcliff Campus, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Another often-used location in Stranger Things that have been used again in season 4 of Stranger Things is the Hawkins National Lab. This place reveals some untold truths of the season and the Briarcliff campus of Emory University has been filmed as the Hawkins National Lab. 

The university is actually located in Atlanta, Georgia, and not in Indiana. However, the actual Briarcliff Building has an underlying history of its own. The house once had Candler Jr., the son of Coca-Cola’s co-founder as one of its residents. Before that, the Briarcliff Building operated as Georgia Mental Health Institute.

Hawkins Cemetery: Stone Mountain Cemetery, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Another significant place in Stranger Things is the Hawkins Cemetery, in Georgia. It is a cemetery site from Barb’s funeral in season 2 of Strangers Things. Although this place is not talked of much in season 2, in season 4 the place is of strategic importance. 

The Hawkins Cemetery impacts the role of Billy and Max in season 4 of the show. The cemetery is shooted at the Stone Mountain Cemetery in Stone Mountain, Georgia, which is located close to the shooting site for Billy and Max’s Hawkins house.

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Forest Hills Trailer Park: Griffin, Georgia

Forest Hills Trailer Park is another prominent location in Stranger Things season 4. It is an upside-down infested site to ride bikes. All the characters such as Robin, Steve, Nancy, and Eddie used to ride their bikes in the Forest Hills Trailer Park. Fortunately, like Kamchatka, Forest Hills is a real place that is located in Griffin, Georgia. The Forest Hills Trailers Park is also talked of by Nancy and Jonathan as a public place wherein they could meet Barb’s mother. 

Lenora Hills, California is a fictional place that does not exist in reality. However, the actual filming of this place was done in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The characters in season 4 of Stranger Things attend a high school named Eldorado High School, which like Lenora Hills is a fictional place and is also located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Other than Lenora Hills, you can acknowledge more fictional places in the show as well.

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