Stranger Things Season 4: Netflix celebrates the day of the series with a new trailer

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Stranger Things is one of the most popular series in Netflix history, its fourth season will premiere sometime next summer and the popular video-on-demand platform wanted to celebrate its day by sharing a new trailer. The trailer focuses on California, one of the places that we will see in this new season, as well as in Mike and Once, the two main protagonists of a story that began more than five years ago. You can find the video in the header above these lines.

What awaits us in the new season?

Everything that happened during the final stretch of the third season left many unknowns for the followers of the series. Currently not too many details are known about the next one, but the trailer makes something very clear: we will experience a leap in time that will take us until spring 1986, since in the letter that One writes to Mike we can read the following: “today is the 185th day”.

On the sidelines, it was recently David Harbor, the actor who plays Sheriff Hopper, who stated that we are facing “the deepest season“To date and that we will see” how many truths are uncovered. ” Undoubtedly, everything indicates that we will experience endless mysteries, such as that of the imposing Casa Creel.

Stranger Things Season 4: name of all chapters

The fourth season will feature up to 9 episodes and Netflix has already revealed the names of all of them. They are as follows:

  • Hellfire club
  • Vecna’s curse
  • The monster and the superhero
  • dear Billy
  • The Nina project
  • The immersion ‘
  • The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre
  • Dad
  • The host
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Stanger Things Season 4 will premiere exclusively on Netflix in summer 2022 (exact date pending confirmation).

Source | Netflix España on YouTube


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