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Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Turns 18

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown turns 18 years old: An example to follow for millions of fans around the world, for her role in Stranger Things -you know when Netflix will premiere its fourth season- and for being a girl who, becoming a woman, is heard and likes everyone.

She was born almost by chance in a hospital in Marbella, Spain, but is British and in 2011 moved to Florida, in the United States.

But what are some of the curiosities of the young actress of the moment? Starting with her beginnings, the first leading role she had in show business was not for the famous Netflix series, but was in 2014, in the series Intruders, in which she played Madison, a nine-year-old girl who struggled to recover her own body when a secret society was dedicated to seeking immortality by taking refuge in the bodies of others.

And at the time, he even received praise from Stephen King himself via Twitter, for his great performance at only 10 years old.

A year later filming began on Stranger Things. There she had to shave her head for her role as Eleven, and she always comments that at first, she was quite nervous, but over time she realized how powerful she felt with her new look, and how she loves that with the new character she managed to inspire so many young women around the world.

You don’t need to have long hair for girls to feel confident.

The young star nominated for an Emmy twice, and also mentioned as one of the top 100 most influential people by Time magazine, was always quite attracted to the world of fashion, being the face of brands such as Calvin Klein and Moncler, attending fashion shows since she was 13 years old. And she is considered one of the fashion icons of her generation, having posed for magazine covers more than 30 times, including Vogue editions from different countries.

In 2019 she decided to launch her own brand of beauty products under the name Florence by Mills, which are vegan. Millie herself explained how important this meant to her, given that she is a great animal lover. Even in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he called himself “Mother of the Turtles” (a reference to Game of Thrones, one of his favorite series, and the character of Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke), given that on a trip he made to Australia, for the filming of Godzilla vs Kong, he met Robert and Bindi Irwin, who managed to convince her to have turtles.

Therefore, he adopted Becky and David. Also in her house, she has a cat and many dogs, including one that she says helped her a lot to handle the issue of her anxiety.

The fourth season of “Strangers Things” will have two parts and Netflix revealed the release dates and several posters.

Another of Millie’s qualities that her fans assure is how confident she is of herself, always trying to take advantage of her voice since she is well aware of the impact that her words have and how she influences the youngest. That is why she was chosen as a “Goodwill Ambassador” of UNICEF at the age of 14, being the youngest in history.

Millie has also shown that in the film world she not only wants to act but also takes on production roles. It was Enola Holmes – the Netflix film that will have its sequel to be released this 2022 – his first project occupying both positions, where he even mentioned the fact that he liked very much that his ideas were heard.

Also in the future, he will produce through his company PCMA Productions the film The Girls I’ve Been, based on the homonymous novel by Tess Sharpe, which revolves around Nora, the daughter of a scammer who is taken hostage in a bank robbery, and must take advantage of all his skills to survive, and manage to rescue his girlfriend and his own ex. He will also star in it.

Another of his passions is music

Multiple times she has uploaded to her social networks videos singing a cappella some of the songs of her favorite artists, such as Adele, along with her castmate and best friend Sadie Sink, and also multiple videos with her sister Paige in her car singing songs by Taylor Swift, whom she even met in person in 2018.

Millie owes as much to “Stranger Things” as the Netflix series to her.

In addition, he likes to imitate Amy Winehouse, one of his favorite singers. Sometimes he has been asked if he would like to release his own music and has said that he had thought about it.

So today she will surely celebrate her birthday as a family and with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s son, who has been with her for a year, in England.

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