Strava and Spotify Collaborate to Enhance Training Experience

By: Ann Burdett

Published on:

For fitness enthusiasts, Strava is an excellent training application that offers impressive features. However, until now, Strava had not integrated with Spotify, the popular streaming music platform. Fortunately, Strava has announced its collaboration with Spotify to improve the user experience on both apps.

A New Section for Spotify Integration

Strava now offers a widget that allows users to access Spotify while using the training app. By registering your Spotify username and password, you can access the platform more comfortably through Strava. With this new upgrade, users will not need to switch between apps while working out. Strava’s new interface now has a small interactive widget for Spotify, making it more convenient and comfortable.

Controlling Playback and Functions

The new Spotify widget on Strava allows users to control playback, skip tracks or pause them, explore new content, and mark songs as favorites. When opening the Strava application, you will see a small box on your screen to access Spotify. You can access different information, like the song being played, and control playback via buttons. It makes for an incredible experience while working out.

Workout Playlists on Spotify

Strava users can now access a playlist on Spotify called “Workout,” which is perfect for training and features all kinds of themes. This playlist adds to the convenience of combining both apps while providing an all-around workout experience.

In conclusion, Strava’s collaboration with Spotify brings a great combination of two apps for fitness enthusiasts. With the new widget, users can now enjoy Strava and Spotify’s features in one convenient place. Update your Strava app on your iOS or Android phone to enjoy this new collaboration.

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