Stray for PS5 shows the skills of the cat protagonist in a gameplay trailer

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A cat in a mysterious cybepunk city. That is the premise of Stray, a video game developed by Blue Twelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The production, PS5 exclusive, has been seen in a commented gameplay trailer, in which we can see the cat protagonist doing his thing. In addition, producer Swann Martin-Raget has provided some additional details, which we provide below.

Stray is an adventure game. It tells the story of a cat who accidentally arrives in a strange and mysterious city ”. It is also about his return journey, as the main objective is to return to his family. “The exploration is a key element. As we love to introduce a lot of detail in our scenarios, we hope that players will enjoy looking ”in every loophole. Martin-Raget also confirms that the title will be available in early 2022, although there is no more specific date yet.

An immersive story

The developer promises that there will be many interesting elements in the city, also when it comes to the characters that inhabit the world. “Not everything will be explained clearly, so it will depend on how attentive the players are to discover what exactly this place is, who the inhabitants and the creatures are ”. The story has been designed so that the user can immerse themselves in it in an immersive way.

The cat’s interactions will help us solve puzzles, but some movements will simply be the usual ones for these felines. “The unique perspective of embodying a cat also creates opportunities in the realm of level design. Some of the common video game tropes can be tweaked in interesting ways. For example, certain obstacles prevent humans from entering, but not cats. “A decorative pipe with a spiral pattern around a building? Perfect for a platforming sequence ”in the case of a feline!

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These animals don’t experiment with technology in real life, but Stray opens up other opportunities and abilities for the player. B12, a small drone, it will help us to interpret the language of the machines in that place. He is a friend who will collaborate with the cat creature during his journey, which they already anticipate, it will not be a bed of roses. There will be moments of action and zones more dangerous than others, as well as enemies like the Zurk.

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