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Streaming Guide for House of the Dragon Episode 204 Live

Streaming Guide for House of the Dragon Episode 204 Live

We’re approaching the midway point of the second season of *House of the Dragon*, and the stage is set for the Blacks and the Greens to clash on the battlefield. The trailer for tonight’s new episode suggests we are in for an intense and monumental confrontation.

For fans familiar with George R.R. Martin’s book *Fire & Blood*, the upcoming events might be somewhat anticipated. However, for those who haven’t read the book, brace yourselves for a battle sequence that promises to rival the most thrilling scenes from *Game of Thrones*.

As always, the preferred way to stream new episodes of *House of the Dragon* is through Max. Subscriptions cost $10 per month with ads and $17 per month without ads. Episodes can also be purchased on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.

The title for tonight’s episode hasn’t been officially revealed yet, although it’s speculated to be something along the lines of “A Dance With Dragons.” HBO has been keeping episode titles under wraps until after they air. Here’s the schedule for the whole season:

Regardless of what the new episode is called, it marks a significant turning point for the season and the show. Make sure to revisit here for more coverage!

Source: WinterIsComing, HBO