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Streaming Guide for the NCIS Prequel Series JAG

Streaming Guide for the NCIS Prequel Series JAG

The untold nuances of “JAG” might align more with courtroom drama than the high-octane escapades of “NCIS,” but that doesn’t make the show any less compelling—especially if legal maneuvers intrigue you. For fans, the “NCIS” episodes embedded within “JAG” are definitely worth exploring. These episodes reveal how the original “NCIS” cast members performed as guest stars before gaining their own spotlight, which justifies “JAG’s” spot in the overall “NCIS” timeline.

The excitement around “JAG” hitting streaming platforms is intensified by the fact that “NCIS” is brewing a prequel series called “NCIS: Origins.” This series sheds light on key characters from the franchise’s lore. “Origins” is set in the past, spotlighting Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ (Austin Stowell) early days with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. There’s a tantalizing possibility that younger versions of characters from “JAG” might make appearances in “Origins” as the series progresses.

Should this crossover happen, “JAG” episodes on Prime Video could become essential viewing for fans of “NCIS.” Even if younger “JAG” characters don’t show up, having “JAG” available for streaming is undoubtedly good news for “NCIS” enthusiasts who missed out on the show when it originally aired.

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