Study: IT security is more important than sustainability for medium-sized companies

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Sustainability, the workplace of the future and digitization are future topics that are particularly relevant for IT decisions in medium-sized companies. In addition, there is the long-running issue of security, according to a survey by the market researchers from Techconsult on behalf of Heise Medien: In medium-sized companies in particular, the topic of IT security is much more important than sustainability, for example.

Even when choosing brands has become in the study showed that support and service play a bigger role as selection criteria than sustainable products. Overall, it becomes clear in the survey that there is no such thing as “the decision” and “the decision maker”. Management, top and division management, IT management and IT staff all have an influence on the decision-making process. The following applies: the larger the company, the more decision-makers are involved in the process.

It is still completely open whether events will be used in attendance in the future, purely virtual or hybrid. There is still no clear trend here for the near future. For direct communication with customers the manufacturer’s website is still extremely important. The survey also shows that customers want neutral, informative topics and personal support here.

Techconsult surveyed 500 people in online interviews, previously drawn from a national panel of 120,000 people. The market researchers have been analyzing the process of IT purchase decisions in companies for Heise Medien since 2017. The fourth part of this series of studies now at hand deals with decisions in companies and who is involved in them and how. Among other things, it is analyzed in detail which future issues are concerned with the decision-makers, where they can get information and which purchase criteria are relevant. The complete study is available from Heise Medien, an email to Petra Kerker or a call to her on +49 89 427186-25 is sufficient.

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