“Stunning Duo Alert: Yailin and Paola Jara Rock the Same Outfit!”

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Matching Outfits: Yailin La Mas Viral and Paola Jara

For many women, their worst nightmare is meeting another girl with the same look they are wearing. This problem has become even more common through social networks, since a photo on Instagram lives forever.

A month ago, Yailin la Más Viral released the video for her single with Shadow Blow, “Solo Tú y Yo”. In the video and in the promotional photos we see the Dominican wearing various outfits, but one of the most striking was a red-hot outfit with a white checked jacket and matching pants.

And how the look was from our Yailin favourites, we immediately recognized it when we saw Paola Jara in an identical outfit. To promote her own musical project with Américo, Jessi Uribe’s wife wore the same red ensemble on her TV appearances.

Apparently, she even chose high-heeled red boots very similar to Yailin’s. However, the Colombian opted for a ponytail instead of wearing her hair loose.

In our opinion, both girls set trends and each one looked spectacular! We also want the outfit for our wardrobes! How would you handle it?

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