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Styles P's Impact on Hip-Hop's Health and Wellness Revolution

Styles P’s Impact on Hip-Hop’s Health and Wellness Revolution

Retiring from his solo rap career, Styles P is now establishing himself as a leading figure in the health and wellness industry with the relaunch of his juice bar.

Styles P has officially entered the next phase of his career. The emcee of the iconic rap collective The LOX has fully revamped his Juices for Life venture, now rebranded as Juice 2 Heal. This transformation was marked by the grand opening of the new juice bar in White Plains on Saturday (June 29). The relaunch is profound, accompanied by a league of first-rate collaborations and additional ventures, further solidifying the “Good Times” rapper’s retirement as a solo artist.

Juice 2 Heal was welcomed with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in White Plains last Saturday, with support from White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Jadakiss, also a co-owner of the juice bar. In an exclusive interview, Styles P revealed one of the core reasons behind the relaunch, citing the expansion of Farmacy For Life and the need for distinction among their causes. The name “Juices for Life” had become ubiquitous, with multiple businesses using it across the state.

“Where we’re going with the brand now is we’re getting into press juices, shipping juices to people, weekly juice cleanses, and more merch,” said Styles. “We wanted to switch so we wouldn’t have any issues with other brands… We support all brands and are glad for anyone who sells juice or health products to make money.”

“For years, we considered buying the name, but instead, we decided to rebrand and create a whole new name. We switched to Juice 2 Heal. With that, we’ll be offering press juices, weekly cleanses, more merch, more events, and healing aspects of what our brand does.”

In 2018, Styles P and his wife, Adjua Styles, launched Farmacy For Life, one of the first hip-hop-themed natural health food stores in America. The e-commerce health brand currently boasts over 400,000 followers on Instagram and has been a virtual portal for wellness tips since its inception. Their store features premier wellness products, including black seed oil, oil of oregano, sea moss, soursop, elderberry, and zinc.

Last year, they collaborated with Chef Daniel Humm of the plant-based Eleven Madison Park to exclusively release Little Farma Box and Styles PB&J. Another branch of Styles’ wellness mission is Farma Cares, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing communities with better nutritional alternatives.

The wellness brand’s partner evaluation network tends to invite brands that share similar goals and values. Often, a prospective partner’s alignment in these values makes the collaboration worthwhile for Styles. For the health and wellness enthusiast, the key factor in these partnerships is energy.

“Energy, energy,” said Styles. “The goal has to be that we have like-minded goals and energy, something we feel is going to connect right off the top. Because if it’s not that, then it’s not worth it for us. Chef Humm, my wife, and I have a really good relationship. I believe our mindset is the same, and what we’re working to accomplish is aligned.”

Styles P recently partnered with NYC’s Seasoned Vegan and VeganHood to aid families, elders, and youth at the inaugural “Plant-Based Community Dine-In Night” held with the Yonkers Family YMCA and ​​ Yonkers Community Action Program, an initiative by Farma Cares that served more than 200 residents.

“With Seasoned Vegan and VeganHood, Farma Cares picked them because they are people who work with the community,” he said. “I’m a long-time customer of Seasoned Vegan. I love the family, the mother, and the brothers. I’ve shouted them out in rhymes. I believe in what they do.”

Styles is also an avid supporter of the tech world and the owner of Farmacy Fantoms, a health-focused Web 3.0 community dedicated to integrating wellness with blockchain technology, NFTs, and other decentralized digital tools. Through the Farmacy Fantoms Web3 community, users are offered ownership and utility from advanced technologies.

“I’m heavily involved in Web3, and that’s our new project we’re working on,” said Styles. “We’re in the process of ensuring that people get their utilities and their money’s worth. I don’t just want your money if you’re not getting anything out of it.”

With over 20 projects under his belt, including solo efforts, collaborations, and features, the coming of Juice 2 Heal signifies Styles P’s ongoing transition into retirement as a solo emcee as he burgeons into a dedicated health and wellness tycoon. Styles announced his retirement last year with the release of his latest album, Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still a Wolf. The legendary emcee plans to complete his solo career with a trilogy project, leaving two solo albums remaining.

“I’m retiring as a soloist. These will be my last few albums. It’s going to be like three albums in one, but I will still be involved in collaborative efforts and working with the group,” Styles declared.

“I’ve outworked most of my peer group. I feel like it’s my time to transition from being a solo artist, focus on group projects and collaborations, and then concentrate more on the health field and my interests in film.”

Source: ESSENCE, WireImage