Success story: 93-year-old woman finishes elementary school and her great-granddaughter was her teacher – MAG.

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Blanca Ida Saavedra, a 93-year-old great-grandmother from Uruguay It has become an example of self-improvement for young and old. Why? Well, this tender woman is the protagonist of an incredible history what has been become viral of the social networks after learning that at his long-lived age he managed to complete his primary studies.

At present, the South American country has only 1.2 percent of its population that still cannot read or write; likewise, a 8.7 percent of those over the age of 25 have no formal education, Meanwhile he illiteracy doubles among people over 65 years of age, especially in rural areas, according to what is indicated by the Continuous Household Survey.

Mrs. White he only got to have education up to third grade, having to leave school, like his 8 siblings, to dedicate himself to planting corn, supporting his family’s plow.

According to what was revealed in the newspaper El País, daily, walked 3 kilometers to get to school, going with the only pair of shoes he had. However, he would take them off to make the trip to school and thus keep them in good condition.

Mrs. White revealed that her husband did not go to school either, assuring that only learned to read and write for purely practical subjects such as keeping accounts at home.

Nevertheless, revealed that one of her dreams was to be a teacher, but he could not because, among other things, he dedicated himself to raising his children, for whom he made it his goal that they study and appreciate how important it is to have a good education.

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Although she did not manage to be an educator, one of her daughters did and, in fact, her great-granddaughter also teaches which, curiously, is his teacher after deciding to complete his primary studies.

Mrs. White she said she felt very proud that it is your great-granddaughter be your teacher, besides that both they go to school together three times a week. She assured that going to school distracts her, but it also makes her very happy, even though she already has problems seeing, so she asks that the letters and numbers be large, as well as using pen ink, no pencil.

The proud great grandmother has among its goals, complete the basic cycle of education within one year.

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