Succubus adult video game delayed to October and presents new narrative trailer

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Succubus, the new of Madmind Studio, creators of Agony, has slightly delayed its release in PC after not appearing last July as planned. So much so, that the adventure for adults that does not skimp on gore, violence and sex, will finally arrive the next October 5, 2021. To compensate those who wait for this new adventure packed with explicit content, their responsible have shared a new narrative trailer focused on history and that you can see heading this news. Of course, as they warn from the developer studio, it is only suitable for adults.

Succubus comes to PC on October 5

Thus, the developers themselves have ensured that this slight delay has been necessary to finish polishing the video game ahead of its final release, now in October. So much so, that nothing else was known about its development since the last update by Madmind Studio, when it was announced that the game would arrive on July 21. With no news on the title, now its creators have shared news about Succubus.

So much so, that they have explained that they need a little more time to fix certain bugs Y polish certain mechanics of game. In addition, taking advantage of this extra development time, they hope to introduce several improvements to offer a better performance on a broader spectrum of computers. Along with the news, a new trailer has been published focused on the history of the game and that tells us more about Vydia, the protagonist succubus who will not hesitate to reduce to pieces any monster that crosses her infernal path.

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Succubus is a spin-off of Agony focused on the more gore action and violent possible, not without giving up the more explicit side with nudes everywhere and scenes of high sexual load only recommended for adult audiences.

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