Suda51 says No More Heroes 3 is the end of the saga

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Goichi Suda, CEO de Grasshopper Manufacture and perhaps better known by his alias Suda51, he says that the launch of No More Heroes 3 marks the end of the saga.

And a tweet shared by the Twitter account of No More Heroes 3, Suda joked about the game’s official title before stating that it would mark the final chapter of Travis Touchdown.

“This game is called No More Heroes 3 FINAL BOUT – All-Out Galactic War! Or it was going to be called that, but the subtitle was too long, so we ended up taking a tip from the Rocky saga and simply opting for No More Heroes 3 instead. “. Suda said. “As hinted, Travis Touchdown will finally come to the end of his last battle and he will embark on a long and well-deserved journey. “.

Following the release of No More Heroes 3 earlier today, Suda took to Twitter saying that “I really hope everyone enjoys the final battle of Travis Touchdown.”. The developer also took the opportunity to thank the fans for their kind messages after the game launch and say goodbye to Travis Touchdowns in all possible ways.

No More Heroes originally debuted in North America in 2008 when it was released for the Nintendo Wii.. The saga introduces us to a huge anime fan, Travis Touchdown, who begins his leading role living in the fictional city of Santa Destroy, California. After winning a lightning katana at an internet auction, the game follows the exploits of the character while seeks to become the main assassin of the fictional Association of United Assassins.

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Following the success of the original No More Heroes, its sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was released in 2010. No More Heroes 3 was announced at E3 2019 and is now available to play on Nintendo Switch.. In addition, we remind you that Suda51 will participate in a special live broadcast event to celebrate the launch of the game that will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel of MRT Japan Monday, August 30, 2021 at 03:00 (Spanish peninsular time). The event can be viewed entirely in English.

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