Sue Aikens Bio: Net Worth, Husband, And Everything We Know

Sue Aikens Bio: Net worth, Husband and Everything we know

Sue Aikens is a well-known television personality, producer, and businesswoman. She stars in Existence Below Zero, a National Geographic Channel documentary television program about her life in the wilderness. Aikens has a sizable fan following worldwide that admires her daring personality. The well-known TV personality is unquestionably a motivating figure.

Her incredible survival skills, tenacity, dedication, and fortitude in the Alaskan bush inspire many people. She’s been attacked by dangerous creatures and through the most extreme weather conditions, yet that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

Early Life and Education

Sue Aikens spent part of her upbringing in Chicago, where her father and mother raised her until she was 12 when her parents split, and she had to relocate to Alaska with her mother. They moved to a little community 80 kilometers north of Fairbanks, one of the main cities in the state, but her mother soon abandoned her.

Alaska would become her permanent home when she was abandoned in the freezing woods and forced to fend for herself. Only that she attended the Lowell Whiteman School is known about her schooling.

Philanthropy And Charity

As we can see from the program, Sue Aikens is a compassionate lady. At her Kavik River Camp, Aikens hosts a variety of charity and philanthropic events. Sue gives up a lot of free books, food, and even river tours to many underprivileged and needy kids in her neighborhood. Aikens has also worked to raise awareness about the need for women’s education and empowerment.

Sue Aikens’ Controversy And Lawsuit

Aikens was an essential aspect of the program Life Before Zero, although many people were unaware she was unhappy. Sue launched a lawsuit against the film’s producer and director in 2017. She claimed in her complaint that the show’s producer put her life in danger by forcing her to undertake stunts without safety gear.

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Sue also claimed that the camera team failed to assist her when she wrecked her snowmobile and sustained significant injuries. They were more interested in filming her injuries and suffering, according to Aikens, than in assisting her.

Sue Aikens Has Been Married Three Times; Who Is Her Husband?

Even though we may assume we know a lot about this TV actress, Aikens has only revealed a few things about her personal life. We discovered some undisclosed details about her spouse and marital life thanks to our diligent inquiry. Aikens has been married three times, but none of his marriages have worked out. Two died of sickness, and one abandoned her to chase a younger woman.

Her first spouse passed away as a result of a brain tumor. She later married Eddie James Aikens, a British guy, on June 13, 1987. Eddie worked as a barber in Portland, Oregon, where the couple resided. She had two children due to the relationship, a boy and a girl. The pair split in 2004 after 17 years of marriage. Aikens returned to Alaska and started living in a remote state region. Eddie, her ex-husband, died in 2009 while she was busy living day to day in Alaska. She attended the funeral and expressed her condolences to her late ex-husband.

Sue Aikens Family. Her Children And Grandkids

Sue Aikens is the mother of a grown daughter and a son, both in their thirties. Her two children are married and reside in the lower United States, far from her. They pay her visits in Alaska regularly. Her son was the younger of the two who married in September of 2016, and she was there to witness the event. Her granddaughter and grandson also pay her a visit in Alaska.

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She can stay in contact when she’s abroad thanks to the satellite phone and internet network. Sue enjoys exchanging presents with her children and grandchildren. She once received a dog as a present from her grandchildren.

Salary and Net Worth of Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens receives an outstanding income as the primary cast of the “National Geography” program Life Below Zero. Her show’s annual pay is reported to be $200,000 each year. From June through September, she also manages Kaviv River Camp. She charges $350 a day for food and lodging that she gives to her clientele. She also owns the lone petrol station on the North Slope’s east side. Sue Aikens is believed to have a net worth of USD 1.5 million as of 2021.

Sue Aikens’ Injury Issue And The Accident. Did She Die Of A Bear Attack?

The woman has been in several incidents that have resulted in various injuries. After an unexpected assault by a grizzly bear, she barely made it out alive. Sue had no clue the animal was going to attack her. Her hips were wrenched out of their sockets, and she suffered a torn muscle and a brain injury.

The bear eventually fled and left her for dead. Aikens was hardly able to pull himself to the camp. She stitched up the damaged area and administered first aid to herself. Surprisingly, I opted to go after a bear. She emerged with a rifle, pursued the thing, and shot it. She then slept in her camp for ten days without medical attention. A pilot circling her camp discovered her and transported her to the hospital.

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Sue was hurt in a TV stunt she was requested to undertake for Nat Geo’s “Life Below Zero” program in addition to this terrifying event. She filed a lawsuit against the show’s producers.

According to the court filing, Aikens was riding a snowmachine when it struck an ice heave. She said she was gravely hurt, but instead of saving her, the rescue jet was sent to land at the far end of the runway for entertainment and excitement.

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