“Sueño” by Yotuel and Jencarlos Canela: Empowering Dreamers Everywhere

By: MRT Desk

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Jencarlos Canela and Yotuel have released a new single called “Sueño,” which is aimed at inspiring and empowering dreamers around the world. In an interview with People VIP, Jencarlos spoke about how the song was born from the dream of seeing Cuba and its people free in a democracy where individuals can decide their future. Produced by Maffio and featuring trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, “Sueño” seeks to encourage people from different walks of life to hold on to their dreams and never stop fighting for a better future.

Yotuel expressed gratitude to the United States for opening its doors to them and providing opportunities to dream big. He also emphasized the importance of realizing this dream for Cuba, as it will allow them to have the option to come to America and achieve their dreams. The song’s music video, directed by Anyelo Troya, takes viewers on a journey of hope and resilience, capturing the essence of the song’s message.

The single’s artwork features a lotus flower, which symbolizes overcoming adversity and rebirth, serving as a ray of hope for many Cubans in the current political climate. “Sueño” is a song that not only seeks to empower listeners but also spread positivity and encourage everyone to chase their dreams.

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