“Suffering from Stress Paralysis: Ways to Overcome and Heal”

MasterChef Winner Carlos Maldonado Shares Recipe with Aspiring Chefs

Aspiring chefs participating in MasterChef got the ultimate motivation and inspiration from one of their very own – Carlos Maldonado, winner of the third edition of the popular talent show. Maldonado brought a recipe to the show that contestants could replicate using similar ingredients. He also spoke about his experience in the culinary world and shared insights on the importance of rest to avoid stress that could be detrimental to one’s health.

The Michelin Star Chef’s Current Ventures

Maldonado’s dedication and hard work have brought him success in the culinary industry. He runs a Michelin-starred restaurant called Raíces, which has also been named the best in Spain by Club de Gourmets magazine. He has also started a hamburger business called El círculo and set up his own non-profit organization called Fundación Raíces. Additionally, he has set up a hospitality school called Semillas to help disadvantaged young people find work in the industry.

Stress and Its Effects on Maldonado’s Health

In a recent interview, Maldonado admitted that the stress of running all his business ventures has taken a toll on his health. He shared that he suffered facial paralysis due to stress and the need to control everything. He advised aspiring chefs to learn to delegate to avoid this kind of problem and trust their team more.

Carlos Maldonado Reflects on His Career in Documentary

TVE recently aired a documentary called Raíces, which explores Maldonado’s path to success in the culinary world. The documentary showcased the difficult childhood he had and how he eventually found his way to the kitchen after a motorcycle accident. With the support of his family and wife Ruth Jiménez, Maldonado has become a successful chef, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

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